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With the average winter temperature in Provence hovering around a pleasant 14 degrees Celsius, this could be just the destination you’re looking for in February to shrug off the post-festivity blues and get ready for the coming summer. Holiday villas in Provence will enable you to enjoy some of France’s most beautiful scenery and at the same time have easy access to a range of cultural attractions in this most attractive part of the country.

Off-season prices

There are many advantages to visiting Provence during its off-season. Flight tickets, accommodation and tours are at their cheapest from November to March, and there are many great bargains to be scooped up. Visitors to France in August, which is considered by many tourists as the peak time to go there, will find that many of the restaurants and shops are closed because the owners are off on holiday themselves. In winter, however, everyone is at home and the prices plummet because of a dearth of visitors. So you can save not only on flights and accommodation but also eating out, tours, local produce and more.

No crowds

France in the summer can be overcrowded at the big resorts and in the major cities, but in February you’ll be able to avoid the usual long queues and crowds, and also to feel rather less like a tourist and one of the locals. The attitude in the winter months is much serene and relaxed compared to the busy summer months.

Winter sales

As well as getting to see the sights more comfortably, the shopping in February is brilliant as visitors can take advantage of the many sales which are regulated by the government and which take place just twice a year, in summer and winter. By February, the sales season will be well under way and you can save substantial amounts on everything from jewellery and furniture to gift items and electrical goods.

Winter festivals in Provence

In France there are many festivals taking place throughout the year, and February in Provence is no exception. The ‘Demons and Marvels’ show held in historic Avignon runs from early December to late February in the Palace of the Popes. Models of chimeras, dragons, swans and unicorns come to life to wow the audience, along with a selection of real animals, in the building once occupied by the Avignon popes. Find out more details about the festival here.

The Truffle Market in Carpentras lasts until the end of March and every Friday morning visitors can take their pick of the ‘black gold’ which is harvested annually at this season on the fertile slopes of nearby Mont Ventoux, measured out in traditional hand-held scales. The event attracts truffle lovers from around the world and the aroma of truffles permeates the air.

Self-catering paradise

Provence is the ideal winter getaway destination for those who love managing their own time and making their own holiday plans. The full holiday package has become less popular with tourists who value getting close to the locals at markets and small outlets and preparing their own regional food using locally sourced produce. Self-catering villas make a great base for exploring the towns, cities and countryside of this historic French region whilst having all the comforts of home to return to in the evenings.