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If you’re like me then the hardest part of any luxury travel adventure is trying to relax! I’m a self confessed workaholic especially when it comes to blogging and travelling, so its never that easy for me to really clear my mind and chill out when I’m on holiday. Over the years I’ve discovered ways that help me unwind so I thought I’d share them with you. Hopefully they’ll help you unwind on your next luxury travel adventure too!


Yes this really does work and surprisingly well too. I used to be a total snob when it came to stuff like this but having tried a few meditation albums for myself I can vouch for their effectiveness. There are plenty of meditation albums on iTunes and a fair number of free podcasts you can download too. Grab a few and be sure to pack some great noise cancelling headphones too. Find a shady sun lounger by the pool or on the beach and get comfortable. Press pay and close your eyes. Ironically I usually pick meditation albums that include the sound of waves gently lapping on a quiet beach, maybe because this compliments my surroundings. Follow the breathing rhythms and you’ll soon find yourself melting away in to a fantasy wonderland. I’ve even fallen asleep during one of these meditation sessions! Its a really good way to unwind and you’ll probably feel like jelly by the end of it. I find having lots of meditation tracks ready is a good idea as anticipating the next part of the session because you’ve heard it before can be distracting. Definitely worth a try!


Take a smartphone with you but turn off your notifications!

I adore my iPhone and it naturally travels everywhere with me. I love taking it on holiday and its a great companion when relaxing. While I admit I’m often checking Facebook and twitter as well as my emails, the constant ringing of notifications is not relaxing, so turn those off and make use of your smartphone in other ways. I find games really help with this, both online and offline. Online there’s fun to be had with bingo games at houseofbingo and offline there’s plenty of amazing and not too stimulating games to play. My current favourite is “Monument Valley” which is both beautiful and relaxing as well as a little mentally challenging. I could play it for hours and feel lovely and chilled after a few rounds. Oh and don’t let your battery drive you crazy, find a good USB charging brick to take with you, perfect for keeping your phone topped up instead of running out of juice!

Smartphone games for travels

Book a spa treatment

The clue is in the name! They really are a treat and if you want to start your luxury holiday off just right then there is no better way than a relaxing massage. Personally I recommend you go for a light and easy massage rather than a deep tissue one, you’re not looking to get physically fitter here, just unwind in beautifully peaceful surroundings. Book it for the first full day of your holiday and it’ll set the mood for the rest of your time there. My favourite type includes a back, neck and head massage as I find head massages more relaxing than anything else, although it’ll do funky things to your hair! Remember to drink plenty of water afterwards and steer clear of the cocktails until the evening. It’ll be worth it trust me!

Massage treatments to unwind

There’s plenty of other ways to unwind on your next luxury vacation but these are my top 3. Keep things simple, don’t let worries ruin your trip and be philosophical about anything that isn’t quite perfect. Life is too short and your holiday is even shorter so stay happy, healthy and relaxed!