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When people think of a luxury holiday, I’m sure Peru doesn’t automatically spring to mind. However, you would be amiss to discount it, as the country offers possibly the best cultural holiday in South America. And with its new campaign, deciding what places to visit couldn’t be made any easier.


Situated on the Western coast of South America, Peru is in an enviable position. Bordered by countries including Ecuador and Brazil, Peru’s coast looks out across the Pacific Ocean and inland it hosts part of both the Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountain Range. The country offers great beach breaks for those who simply want to relax upon white sands, gazing out to cobalt blue seas but it also offers one of the most incredible cultural experiences in the world and it is this element that its tourist board have focused in on for their latest campaign.

Empire of Hidden Treasures

On its award-winning Marca Peru website, the Peruvian Tourist Board have chosen to lure visitors in with a movie inspired campaign. Fully connected to social media, the site delves into the Ancient Cultures that made Peru the country that it is today. The campaign urges visitors to ‘live it’ themselves after watching a series of trailers which tantalizingly end with the tagline ‘5000 years of history is still alive.’ There are many luxury tours available to explore the many ancient sites that Peru has to offer, including an Orient Express train to Maccu Picchu. The site also includes information on relevant museums to include on your trip to your chosen sites, ensuring that visitors are fully immersed in its ancient culture and are truly ‘living it’ for themselves.