Travel features

If you watch family holiday adverts on TV, you’ll see pictures of laughing, happy children and parents, all without a care in the world. This is how family holidays should be, however what they don’t show you is the crying tantrums, the over-tiredness and the travel hell that tends to predate all the happy, smiling pictures of splashing on the beach!

Travelling with kids can be a rather stressful experience, but thankfully there are things we can do to at least lower some of the upset and stress, until you get to your hotel, get everyone settled and let out that sigh you’ve been holding in.

Closer airport parking

A great place to start is by driving yourself to the airport. I do this religiously now anyway, but I can certainly see the advantages for those travelling with little ones. Wherever you’re flying from you’ll find facilities for parking your car during your time away, such as my regular service of iPark Liverpool. It’s such a handy Liverpool airport parking service as it’s within walking distance of the terminal which saves the hoarding the family onto transfer buses. Airport parking all across the UK can be convenient and cheap, this not only saves money but it also means you can set off from home at your own leisure, and take the journey at your own pace. No more having to drag tired children and luggage on and off of trains!

Eat a good meal

Once you’re at the airport, checked in and you don’t have your luggage weighing you down anymore, you’ll have time to spare, and I would recommend heading to a restaurant for a family meal. Not only will this instil a bit of routine into what is a very abnormal situation, but it will calm everyone down, and also make sure everyone gets a good meal and not snacking on sweets and airline food all day long.

You never know, a full tummy might also mean little ones sleep on the plane!

Gadgets and movies

Packing a few books, maybe a full kindle and charged up iPad for use on the plane, and during the waiting at the airport ,will keep everyone occupied and pass the waiting time. On the plane, buy those headphones and watch that film, if you can get them engrossed in the movie, then time will pass much quicker.

It’s basically about keeping everyone occupied and calm, staying away from major amounts of e-numbers in sweets and juice, and trying not to let stress get to you.

Travel is an inevitably stressful experience with or without little ones in tow, but we can lower it a little by trying to keep a slight routine going and staying as calm as possible.