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The media are always bombarding us with pictures of sun-drenched celebrities cavorting on luxurious cruise ships and taking advantage of their status to access the best holidays possible. Many celebs are choosing to travel on private vessels or use their influence to hire out the entire liner in order to have some privacy. Luckily for the rest of us, everyone can indulge in lavish cruise, no celebrity status required! Here are the top 3 cruise favourites among celebrities that everyone can book for themselves.

Cunard Cruises

With a reputation for being the finest cruise line in the business, Cunard are one of the few lines that consistently attract high-profile celebrities to its transatlantic crossings. Some of the names that have chosen Cunard include Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Dame Julie Andrews, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and George Harrison. There have also been sightings of Enrique Iglesias, Vera Duckworth and Anna Kournikova on board Cunard’s flagship, the Queen Mary 2.

Once you step aboard the legendary Queen Mary 2 you’ll instantly understand why it is so popular with the rich and famous. Impressive without being ostentatious and luxurious without being over-stated, the QM2 is a tribute to the elegance and romance of past-era classical cruising. The very finest in cuisine, culture and entertainment make cruising with Cunard a truly enchanting experience.

Crystal Cruise Line

Another luxurious line that travels through a range of sought after exotic destinations is Crystal Cruises. This sophisticated line has worked hard to create a number of cruises that allow you to not only sail in celebrity style, but actually have them on board with you! These amazing cruises are called the Experiences of Discovery, and are based on a range of themes to cater for all tastes and interests.

You can golf with PGA pros, groove with legendary musicians and even explore a specialised itinerary with the President of Crystal Cruises himself. Other themes focus on education and culture, health and wellness, and a range of film and theatre specialisations.

Disney Cruise Line

For celebrities of a slightly different nature, you can’t go past the magic of Disney Cruises. Some of the famous faces that regularly enjoy the comfort and luxury of a Disney Cruise are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Nemo and friends, and so many more from the extensive Disney catalogue of movies.

Your children will be simply delighted to meet their favourite characters, and the theming of the ship is geared to be fun, educational and interactive for all ages. The adults can enjoy an exciting entertainment program as well, and the well-appointed rooms give you a great place to relax in between exploring everything that the cruise ship has to offer.

Celebrities of every status indulge in the luxuriousness of a cruising holiday, and now you can experience the very same decadence for your next getaway. Cunard, Crystal and Disney are all famous for their specialised cruising to suit every taste and budget, so you’re bound to find the perfect cruise for you and your loved ones. From the very highest in sophistication and indulgence to fun family friendly cruising and everything in between, taking a cruise is a great way to explore the world in style.