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Art Deco is a style I’ve always personally adored. From it’s simple beginnings in 1920s Paris, it’s popularity exploded across the western world during the 30s. This opulent yet clean style was very fashionable in up-town residential apartments and hotels. One such Art Deco hotel is the Thistle Hotel in Marble Arch, London.

From the understated entrance you’d be forgiven for thinking this was much like any other hotel, but it’s quirky interior layout soon grabs you and doesn’t let go. Not only does the Art Deco appear all around you, on everything you can see, it’s also been lovingly preserved, restore, revamped and cared for. Art Deco has the ability to make any object, however inanimate, feel part of something bigger.

Thistle Hotel facts and figures

One of the wonderful things about any hotel is it’s facts and figures. So here’s some interesting stats on the Thistle Marble Arch

  • The building was originally a 1930s apartment block that housed American army officers during the 2nd World War
  • The Thistle Marble Arch has the largest hotel rooms in the Park Lane area of London
  • The hotel has 8 floors with 692 bedrooms. 96 of which have be newly renovated.
  • There will be 700 bedrooms fully renovated after the 2012 London Olympics
  • There are 80 maids cleaning the rooms daily, with over £6 million spent on staff wages each year.
  • The Thistle hotel is host to around 1000 guests a night
  • The restaurant has 180 seats with around 800 – 1000 breakfasts every morning


Concierge and the Golden Keys

The Marble Arch Thistle is very proud of it’s 23 man Concierge team who have a total of 433 years of experience which they proudly tell you is “The most experienced Concierge service in the UK”. Longest running staff member has worked at the Thistle Marble Arch for over 40 years, carrying his own body weight in luggage more than 100,000 times! They’re also the proud hosts of the “Golden Keys” concierge meeting every month where the best concierge services from 4 and 5 star hotels meet to discuss trends and topics. Something I never knew existed. They’ll also be playing host to the International Golden Keys annual event in January 2012.

Art Deco bedrooms and suites

Lobby areas and hallways are often styled to a theme in most hotels but the bedrooms rarely continue that style, often opting for a more neutral theme that can be mass produced. Thankfully this is not the case at the Thistle Mable Arch. From the moment you enter a room the Art Deco detail is all around you. From the carpets, curtains and door frames to the furniture, bathroom fittings and lights. Considering many of the rooms have recently been refurbished it’s so refreshing to see all the original charm, style and ambiance is still there. Art Deco is a rather timeless design style so the rooms still look as contemporary and artistic as they ever did.