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Cox & Kings’ Sophie Furnell recently travelled to Taiwan and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fantastic food that the country has to offer: the range of dishes is incredible, and there is something for all tastes and pallets.

Taipei’s night markets are a great way to try local delicacies at great prices. Shilin night market in the north of the city boasts a huge range of treats, including stinky tofu, fragrant sausages and oyster omelette. Just make sure that you don’t have a massive dinner before you go, so that you have some room to sample some of these delicious snacks.

Restaurants in Tapei

Taipei has a huge number of great restaurants, which include Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. My favourite restaurant was the Din Tai Fung restaurant which specialises in dumplings. These tasty little parcels are filled with pork, prawns or vegetables to name a few varieties, and are dipped in soy sauce. For dessert we were brought a sweet version which was stuffed with a red bean paste – delicious! This was all washed down with jasmine tea, a perfect partner for the salty dumplings.

Toroko Gorge and Sun Moon Lake

From Taipei I travelled south and discovered that Taiwan is abundant in cabbages, and these can be seen growing on the mountain slopes surrounding Toroko Gorge and Sun Moon Lake. Although the humble cabbage may not seem too appealing, the Taiwanese have found a way to create delicious dishes from it. Stir fried cabbage, and pork mince wrapped in cabbage leaves include some of the specialities.

Whilst in Sun Moon Lake, we were taken to an interesting restaurant/guesthouse where the owner and his wife are artists and have many beautiful items on display for sale.

Here all of the dishes are made with some kind of fruit. The dishes themselves looked like works of art with the pretty colours against the white plates. Some of the combinations included beef and apple, squid with kiwi and salmon with pink dragon fruit. Surprisingly most of the flavours worked really well and I really enjoyed the meal.

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