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The national parks and mountains of Tanzania are the perfect backdrop to a safari holiday and one of the best times to visit is December. You’ll be sure to see an amazing variety of wildlife while you’re there and experience some real African culture. Here’s some of our top picks why you should go to Tanzania in December.

Serengeti Safari

In the North of Tanzania you’ll find some of the best safari action in the world. Spanning some 30,000 square kilometers, this vast region sees annual migrations both from South to North and back again. In December you’ll be sure to see wildebeest, zebra and eland all on mass migration, returning South before calving begins. It’s an astonishing sight . Migrations usually start late November and continue through to mid December.

Udzungwa Mountains

There’s some great trekking to do in Tanzania in December too. With Udzungwa being a favourite of ours. The lush rainforest coupled with the “short rains” season in November and December means a very pleasant trek through the national parks. There are some great guided walks you can do and really getting out into nature without a vehicle changes your perspective on the landscape. If birds are your thing try the Pare Mountains.

Villages worth visiting

The local people in Tanzania are very friendly and there’s some great towns and villages worth visiting while you’re in the country. The villages around Kilimanjaro are a great place to start where you can visit banana plantations and coffee orchards. There are some other villages close by that have yet to become tourist traps, be sure to ask your guide about visiting those. You’ll also find the Maasai people in the North of Tanzania, famous for their dancing and colourful clothes.

Getting around

Guided tours are by far the simplest way to get around, all your vehicles, safari tours and buses are organised for you. Depending on whether you wish to do the North and South safari circuits, the costs can mount up. Independent travel is possible as there’s a good bus system. There are some good tourist bus services that are cheap and reliable. While there is a railway network the trains are notoriously unreliable and fairly uncomfortable for tourists.

Many of the landscapes and people of Tanzania are what you dream Africa will be like. With the perfect climate and migratory events, December is a great time to go to Tanzania for a safari you’ll never forget.