Run for Charity in Sydney

There’s never a better time to get fit than in summer – and what better way to get fit than to train for and participate in some great events?

Sydney is a fabulous city in summer: the sun is always shining, the cityscape is amazing and the beaches are golden. When you live in a city like this, there’s never a better time to get fit than in summer – and what better way to get fit than to train for and participate in some great events? Take advantage of the beauty of the harbour city and get ready to activate (or reactivate) your health and fitness next February.

The Colour Run

The Colour Run is exactly as it sounds: colourful, vibrant, and filled with fun. Hosted at Sydney Olympic Park, The Colour Run is designed for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.  All participants need to do is wear a white shirt, and let the colours do the rest of the work – you’ll be sprayed with colour at the finish line. Normally, a 5km run can be boring – but how can it be boring if you’re with a bunch of people who are just there to have a good time?  Plus, the shirt is a great souvenir to remind you of the day.

Registration opens the previous October and costs AUD55 for 1 runner or AUD50 each if over 4 of you register at once.  The run takes place around the 10th February.

Tough Mudder

On the opposite spectrum of The Colour Run, Tough Mudder is not for the faint of heart or for people who just want a leisurely run. Touted as one of the world’s most difficult obstacle courses, Tough Mudder stretches over 18-20km of wires, monkey bars, electric shocks and hill climbs.  Tough Mudder is an event that requires extensive training and extra Body Attack sessions at the gym – and even then, you’ll only be half prepared!  This isn’t a course you can do alone, either – when you’re slipping and sliding everywhere because of the mud, you’re probably going to need a helping hand (or two).  However, don’t be put off: Tough Mudder is a great challenge and when you complete it, it’s an accomplishment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Registration starts the previous August and is for serious applicants only with the cost varying from early bird AUD105 to last minute AUD180.  The course is run over 2 days around the 9th and 10th February each year.

Sun Valley Run

For a more scenic route, jump on board for the Sun Valley Run. A part of the Running Wild series of events, the Sun Valley Run is a 10km or 17km trail run that will have you running via valley floors or past creek beds.  This run isn’t an easy one and you’ll encounter plenty of hills that will turn your legs to jelly, but you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views at the end of it.  The Sun Valley Run kicks off at 7:30am, so after you finish the race you can take some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and hike around the bushlands.  Alternatively, the event organisers have also arranged a post-run barbecue – take part in this and you’ll be sure to meet other like-minded people and bond over the fantastic run you just participated in.

Registration starts the previous December and is AUD30 for members and AUD40 for non-members.  The run usually takes place around the 24th February each year.