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Rome, the Eternal City, home to the Popes and capital of the greatest empire on earth, is on an even par with Venice and Paris when it comes to romantic breaks. At all times of year visitors will delight in its great Baroque piazzas and narrow streets that date back to medieval times, lined with bars, restaurants and pavement cafes. The city has a good subway system, and the official white taxis can get you around all parts in a few minutes, although Rome like most great cities is best seen at a leisurely pace on foot.

History of Rome

A paragraph can hardly do justice to Rome’s unbeatable history, and Gibbon barely scratched the surface in six thick volumes. It grew from a small settlement for a few shepherds on the Palatine hill to rule over most of Europe and then become the heart of the Christian world. Rome became the capital of modern Italy in 1870, and nowadays the ruins and remnants of its glorious past lie strewn across the city, between designer outlets, fusion hotels and top restaurants, making for an atmosphere fairly dripping with romance and glamour.

Famous attractions of Rome

Rome is so stuffed with places of interest, especially historic ones, that you can necessarily only sample a very few of them on a short break here. But if you’re carefully selective you can certainly take in the top sights and come away with shimmering memories of this queen of cities.

The Colosseum is the most impressive survivor from the great days of empire and makes a wonderfully iconic and romantic start to a tour of the city, setting the scene for what’s to come.

In a city replete with Baroque fountains, the famous Trevi Fountain is the jewel in the crown, an 18th century marble extravaganza that seems to explode with life and vitality. Crowds of visitors flock here to toss coins and make wishes.

The Spanish Steps have featured in many a movie, winding up from the 17th century Piazza di Spagna to the pretty little French church in Trinita dei Monti. There are 137 steps in twelve flights, and in May they’re decorated from top to bottom with flowering azaleas.

Eating out in Rome

One of the great treats on any visit to Rome, especially in the spring and summer months, is eating and drinking at the multitude of bars and cafes that line the famous piazzas, as you chat and watch the world go by. The residents of Rome like nothing better than this and you’ll soon discover that they take their wining, dining and relaxation very seriously.

On a luxury short weekend break you can spend your time seriously indulging in this lack of activity. Chilling out for an hour or so in the Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Campidoglio or Piazza del Popolo, soaking up some of the Roman atmosphere. You might find it addictive! But of course there is a lot to see and do in Rome so you’ll want to spend some of your time sight seeing in this beautiful historic city. Here’s our guide to the best things to do in Rome.

Where to stay in Rome

When it comes to Rome hotels and other accommodation you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Choose the district that most captures your imagination and then simply see what’s on offer there. The best hotels, in terms of convenience and quality, are located in the Trevi district, close to historic sites like the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. You’ll find 341 great hotels here all over Rome to suit your budget and style.