Travel features

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday, city break or romantic trip with your loved one, you will need some form of entertainment whilst travelling to your destination. Nowadays, there are a number of apps on mobile phone and tablet devices that can keep you occupied during your journey, and entertain you throughout your stay as well. We take a look at 4 of the best apps for your holiday and discuss why they will come in handy before, throughout and after your luxurious break.


netflixIn this day and age, Wi-Fi is available in the majority of airports and hotels, which therefore means that Netflix is a brilliant app to keep entertained whilst waiting around. With easy to follow instructions and a huge selection of brand new television shows and films to choose from, Netflix is sure to keep you entertained whilst on your luxury holiday.

Restaurant finder (Zomato)

It’s more than likely that eating out will be a big part of your holiday, and it’s important to find somewhere that appeals to your taste buds. There are many apps around at the moment that will help you to find the perfect restaurant to spend your evening. Zomato is a brilliant Restaurant Finder app that allows you to search for a range of different eating places and view the menus online.

zomato app

Lady Lucks

Lady LucksWhilst lying on the beach or by the pool, many people enjoy a bit of a gamble whilst sitting around in the airport. Lady Lucks is a brilliant online casino that can keep you entertained with a variety of different games that can be played on your mobile of tablet device. Whether you’re hoping to win an extra bit of cash for the remainder of your holiday or to put towards your next luxurious holiday, this app is an exciting way hopefully winning some money.

Sound Cloud

Music is an important element of any holiday, whether it be on your way to your destination or whilst relaxing by the pool. Sound cloud is a great way of listening to some of the newest and oldest songs in the charts. With an easy-to-use lay out and a massive range of different music available to add to your personal playlist, Sound Cloud is a brilliant music app to have on your holidays.

Soundcloud app