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Villa holidays offer the chance to take a well-earned summer break whilst enjoying the comfort of home. With many ideal locations around the world offering villa holidays, here’s my guide some of the best places to take your luxury vacation this summer.


Italy is arguably the best place in Europe to visit for a villa holiday, given its long history of building these beautiful homes. The historic villas of Italy offer the chance to enjoy some authentic Italian hospitality, set amongst the stunning Italian landscape which benefits from the beautiful warm Mediterranean climate during June. There are a number of places I would highly recommend for your villa break.

Tuscany offers some of the most iconic Italian countryside, with views from many of the villas here absolutely heavenly. These are scenes that have inspired some of the world’s most famous artists including Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Explore the vineyards here and drink local Chianti, eat fine foods in the small Tuscan villages and visit the famous spa town of Montecatini Terme. The Almalfi Coast and the Italian Lakes also offer a holiday filled with tranquility and stunning landscapes to explore and enjoy.

South Africa

South Africa offers up the chance to visit one of the most exciting and interesting countries in the world and therefore makes it the perfect place for a luxury villa break. Many of the villas feel distinctly European but retain an air of African culture, which reflects the country itself well. Whilst June heralds the start of African winter, the weather is still fine enough to bring in average temperatures of 18C (64F) which means you can enjoy the country without the searing humidity.

Villas here offer the chance to stay amongst a wide range of landscapes, especially on the Western Cape. Visit Bantry Bay or Camps Bay and you’ll be rewarded with stunning ocean views. The Western Cape is known for its wine production so you’ll also be able to tour and stay nearby to its vineyards or perhaps within sight of Table Mountain and the Western Cape’s capital, Cape Town. Of course, you couldn’t visit Africa without taking a safari which I can guarantee will be the experience of a lifetime.

The Maldives

Nestled amongst the Indian Ocean, this cluster of islands is a tropical paradise. This alone makes The Maldives a great place to take a villa break, even before you look into the stunning range of villas available here. Glorious weather, crystal blue oceans, white beaches and fantastic hospitality are all on offer here. If you’re looking for luxury, there really aren’t many places that can offer you what these islands can.

What makes The Maldives’ villa breaks so unique are the fact that you’ll stay on a Water Villa. Stretched out along the coastline and out into the ocean, these villas are connected to land by a wooden jetty. Once here, you can settle back and enjoy the finest accommodation amongst the most idyllic and romantic locations. The views for sunset and sunrise are worth the trip alone, not to mention the chance to see the coral reefs and wildlife existing just beneath your villa. Top places to stay include Ari Atoll and Male Atoll.


The coast of Mexico offers the chance to enjoy idyllic beach life and intimate seaside villages, filled with lots of activity such as horse riding, sailing and fishing. You even have the option of  exploring the ancient Mexican heritage, amongst some of the most famous Aztec sites including Teotihuacan.  A luxury villa makes a welcome change to the many hotels and resorts that scatter the coast, especially in Cancun where temperatures through June average 30C (86F).

Along the coast, you’ll find many luxury villas. I would definitely recommend visiting  Puerto Vallarta, once a favourite destination for Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and many Hollywood stars since. Sitting within Mexico’s largest Bay, Bahia de Banderas, this picturesque city is a great place to sample some fine cuisine, as well as enjoying its charming streets and many beaches, some of which are utterly secluded. For arguably the best beach in Mexico, visit Tulum. Situated in the Mexican Riviera, Tulum is surrounded by jungle and ancient buildings which makes the beach even more breathtaking.