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Few places do luxury travel quite like Africa – it’s no wonder it’s a favourite holiday destination for royalty and celebrities from all over the world – and it’s second-to-none for space, privacy and service.  For some, the only way to experience the majesty of Africa’s wildlife is with the comfort of luxurious accommodation to retreat to after the day’s activities.  So when researching and booking a luxury safari holiday in Africa, here are some options to consider:

Private safaris

One way to guarantee the holiday of your dreams is to organise a private safari with a specialist travel consultant.  Whether you’re travelling with friends, as a couple or as a family, a bespoke safari will be able to cater to all your needs for both itinerary and accommodation.  A knowledgeable guide will be able to pass on their comprehensive understanding of animal behaviour and the bush, and top quality private guides will even tell entertaining stories around camp fires, assist with practicalities like transfers and organising mealtimes.

Honeymoon safaris

For many, their honeymoon is the one holiday where luxury is foremost on the list of priorities, and though safari might conjure images of “roughing it” in the bush, there are plenty of options for comfort and luxury while still getting close to the excitement of viewing animals in the wild.  Gorgeous, large permanent “tents” with showers and flushing toilets are a big draw.  They are usually overlooking a watering hole or river and you can sip tea, or a glass of something fizzy, while watching the animals up close.  Africa’s people are exceptionally welcoming and warm, and the people you meet will be a truly special addition to this important holiday.   Service is exceptional and the food rivals any European 5 star resort.

Beach and bush safari

Beachside holidays are often the ones we most associate with decadent luxury: reclining in the shade, on soft white sand, a cold drink in hand as you look out onto the ocean.  Some African countries are perfectly positioned for holidays that take in the coast and the bush; Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are very popular for travellers who wish to experience both, and are equipped with ample luxury beach accommodation.  You can spend one week on safari, getting up early and rushing around after the animals and spend the second week recovering by the pool or beach, it’s the perfect combination.  Zanzibar is a beautiful island off the coast of Tanzania

A safari is by its nature an adventurous and exciting holiday, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave behind all the comforts of home. Far from it: you can explore the bush during the day with the assistance of a highly qualified guide, and return to extremely comfortable, high quality accommodation with exceptional service in the evenings. Style and luxury are certainly available in Africa for those seeking it.