Asia, City breaks

Asia has a wealth of amazing cuisine ranging from the familiar and sublime to the quirky and down right strange. It’s safe to say that if you want a culinary experience like no other then a trip to Hong Kong will leave your mouth watering. December is the perfect time of year to visit. This sub tropical country enjoys a relatively mild winter, always in double figures and can occasionally be as pleasant as 20C. None of the muggy temperatures of summer so you’ll have more energy to explore the city and hunt out the best food in town.

Check out this quick video from Hong Kong Tourism showing you a few of the delights that await you.

Hong Kong is famous for it’s variety of food on offer. In almost every street in the city you’ll find food stalls, cafes, restaurants and bars, all competing for your taste buds with brightly lit signs and the occasional wax model of dishes in the windows too.

Dim Sum

There are of course a few dishes that you simply have to try while you’re in Hong Kong. Steamed Dumplings known as “Dim Sum” are a must on any visit. Yum Cha is the style you’re looking for, trollies filled with steaming pots of stacked dumplings to choose from. I’d recommend a visit to the Luk Yu Teahouse where some of the best Dim Sum in town is served with a fantastic array of teas. The building hasn’t changed much over the years, giving you a real flavour of Hong Kong’s culinary history.


While snakes may be wildlife to some, they’re a delicacy in Hong Kong and you’ll find a number of restaurants dedicated to the art of cooking snake. Check out Ser Wong Fun on Cochrane St for another authentic Hong Kong experience. This place has been serving snake for over 115 years and their recipes have rarely changed. Try the snake soup which is said to help boost your immune system and fight colds too. Served with mushrooms and a tasty broth, the snake is surprisingly tasty. Definitely worth a try at least once.

Asian Snacks

If there’s one thing the Chinese do well it’s snack food. You’ll find all sorts of weird and wonderful snacks on offer from street vendors, cafes and corner shops. A lot of them involving eggs too. The Egg waffles are well worth a try and there’s one famous place you have to get them from. Head to Lee Keung Kee in North Point and you’ll find this cute little stall with its sign obscured from view by numerous newspaper clippings of famous people who have eaten here. If you want food on the go this is the place to grab a bite. Perfect for nibbling as you sight see.

If you’re in Hong Kong around the end of December there’s also the annual Hong Kong Food Festival between the 25th and 28th including cuisine from all over Asia. Check out their website for more details.