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The chances of making a killing at the tables in Las Vegas are slim.  But don’t think about gambling away your dollars as losing; think of it as paying for your entertainment instead.  Here are our top 5 tips for you to make sure you enjoy the gambling on holidays to Las Vegas.

1. Set your budget and stick to it

First and foremost set yourself a gambling budget before you go.  Recognise that you are almost bound to exceed that, so add a little to the budget and stop there i.e. if you’re allowing $300 add another $100 raising it to $400.  Pace yourself so that you don’t run out of gambling money before your stay is over.

Once there, remember it is better to place small, low bets even when you’re on a winning streak; this protects your money so that you don’t loose everything on a rash, large bet.  Any time you’re in doubt about how much to gamble, make your bet smaller than your first consideration.

2. Learning the ropes

If you aren’t an experienced gambler then make sure you learn some basics before you go.  You’ll carry on learning once you’re there – it’s even a good idea to start by watching games at some of the tables before you wade in.

You can find the basics for most games online and these are certainly a good way to arm you with just that, the basics.  Make sure you know the simple rules like only picking up and rolling with one hand for Craps.

And on any table where cards are dealt face-up, never touch the cards.  If you do, apologise to the dealer.  Beware if you do it again – you are likely to be asked to leave the table.

Before you join a table, check the minimum bet level.  If you want to make bets of $5 then joining a table with a $50 minimum could cause you some embarrassment.

Before you start playing decide how much you are willing to lose, when you reach that limit, move on.  Even if your ‘free drink’ hasn’t arrived, go.  You can buy your own for about $4 at the bar instead of losing another 50 bucks or so whilst waiting for it to arrive!

3. Know the tables

The best odds for winning are at Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker and Baccarat when your chances are only just below the house’s advantage.

Games like Caribbean Stud Poker, War and Let it Ride, in fact anything that doesn’t sound like a traditional casino game, gives the house a huge advantage which make your chances of winning very slim.

More tips: don’t play the Blackjack 6.5 tables.  These give the house an additional 1.5% chance of winning whilst obviously penalising your chances!  Games like SuperFun 21 and Spanish 21 should also be avoided unless you want to spend your budget very quickly.

4. Lose your money slowly

Always bet the minimum and even sit out the occasional hand or game and take regular breaks for the bathroom.  All of these tactics ensure you make your money lasts as long as possible.  When you take a bathroom break ask a friend to watch your chips or ask the dealer if it’s okay to leave you seat for a few minutes.

You can play fast-paced craps slowly by placing minimum bets; you probably won’t win anything but you will keep the average cost of your ‘free drinks’ to a minimum.

5. Free drinks

Of course there’s no such thing as a ‘free drink’ but this no charge gimmick entices longer stays at tables and the house takes more money.  You are unlikely to see a cocktail waitress at the slot machines; roulette is a slow game and you may not see the waitress so often as at the Blackjack tables.  Of course if you aren’t gambling you won’t be offered one anyway.

Play your favourite tables

Remember your gambling experience in Las Vegas is for fun.   When you find a game you enjoy even if the odds aren’t great, go for it.  After all you are paying for it!