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In almost every resort in the Caribbean you’ll find at least one ornate Gazebo near the beach, perfect for the most romantic of gestures, a wedding day in the sunshine. But these Gazebos often play host to the 2nd most romantic thing you can do at a Caribbean resort, dinner for 2 in your own little venue, with exclusive staff just for the occasion.

As part of the Elite Island Hopathon project we recently took part in we got to try out 3 romantic dinners at Gazebos to see exactly what they are like, how romantic they really are and what you can expect on your luxury Caribbean adventure.

Verandah Resort & Spa, Antigua

The Verandah is more a large village than just a resort, so as you’d expect there’s more than one gazebo here for your romantic meal, in fact there’s five! We had dinner at the Hill Top Gazebo near the main beach, just a short walk from our room. Our butler for the evening met us at the Gazebo with a welcoming smile and a jovial personality. The beach wasn’t lit at night so most of our time was spent gazing in to each others eyes and enjoying the decorations of the gazebo, fairy lights of all colours fluttered in the wind. This Gazebo is away from the main restaurant so each course for dinner was delivered by golf cart, expertly driven one-handed by our butler.

As the name of this gazebo may suggest, its hill-top location does have one minor drawback in that the wind is greater here than most of the other Gazebos would experience. This did its best to try to free the table-cloth from its duties and challenged my wife’s hair to a duel on a few occasions. The food was delicious with so many courses filling us up, although the time between courses was quite long due to the delivery from the kitchen. Our dining experience was indeed very private and intimate due to the location of the gazebo, away from the more public areas. You are of course at the mercy of the weather and our dinner was interrupted by a brief but heavy shower which is fairly incompatible with small gazebo. We rushed over to the BBQ restaurant to eat our main course at a hastily prepared table. Never-the-less it was a fun evening with great food and lots of smiles.

St James Club Morgan Bay, Saint Lucia

There’s romance and atmosphere aplenty at St James Club Morgan Bay in Saint Lucia. From the moment you arrive there’s a sense of inclusion and friendship. The Gazebo experience here really takes it up a notch too with the one very central, very public gazebo. Perfect for beach front weddings with an amazing view of the coastline. The dining experience here is a little different as you have your very own chef and butler, ready to cook whatever you’d like. Traditionally this is something that you would decide on  when making your booking months before arriving. Giving you a chance to come up with a culinary menu that’s perfect for both you and your partner. We only had a few minutes to come up with ours but it was still great to have the freedom to have anything we wanted.

The Gazebo sits front and centre right next to the beach and was lit up with large garden candles and the gentle glow of the restaurants either side. A path running through the complex was nearby so this definitely isn’t a secluded gazebo experience. Of course anyone with the courage to acknowledge us were either saying “congratulations” or asking if it was our honeymoon or anniversary? Our personal staff for the evening were presented and a glass of champagne was poured. While he was a little pushy with the alcohol the service was very attentive, always hovering nearby ready to pour more drinks, serve food or take empty plates away. This did intensify the feeling of being watched just a little but if its your wedding day I doubt you’ll even realise anyone else in the world exists as you gaze into your partner’s eyes, sipping champagne and tucking in to your favourite meal.

While it isn’t the most secluded of intimate dining experiences it was a wonderfully romantic setting and the atmosphere created by the resort only enhances the experience.

Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua

The breathtaking views and quiet romance of the Galley Bay Resort is instantly apparent the moment you set foot on its pristine boardwalk.  The Gazebo here can be found at Ismay’s, one of 3 dining options each evening at Galley Bay. Located at the south end of the beautiful sandy beach with its turquoise  waters. The setting is already highly romantic before you’ve even set foot int he Gazebo. They’ve positioned this one just right, its next to the restaurant for easy access but has its own private path leading to it with flower beds and hedging creating a feeling of private dining. You don’t feel overlooked yet know your dinner is being served from the kitchen just a few steps away.

The service here was impeccable. A very smartly dressed butler complete with white gloves, serving our food with expert timing and finesse. Just the right amount of fussing over us without being too imposing. Retiring to the main restaurant while we ate but keeping a undetectable eye on our table just in case we needed him. The food here was from a more set menu but was absolutely fantastic. Just the right size portions allowing us to enjoy every course.

There are other dining options here if you’re eating in the main restaurant. You can have your table moved on to the sandy beach with candles lit all around you. This actually created an even more romantic mood in our pretty little Gazebo as we could enjoy the backdrop of couples having a romantic dinner too.

Galley Bay just oozes quiet, relaxed romance and they’ve refined their Gazebo dining experience to reflect that mood. Definitely our top pick of romantic gazebo dining experiences and worth the extra cost if you’re looking for the ultimate romantic moment during your honeymoon, wedding holiday or anniversary.

Is Gazebo dining worth the extra cost?

If done well I’d definitely recommend it especially if you’re getting married at the same location. Whether it warrants the extra costs involved depends entirely on your own personal experience and the service you get during your evening. If the weather is on your side, the mood is just right, the service is attentive and the food is sublime then it has all the makings of a perfect way to dine.