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The Middle East is a fascinating destination for any traveller; a melting pot of culture, both old and new, colours and mystery. Dubai has become massively popular over recent years, well-known for luxury hotels, designer shops and top-notch cuisine. It really is a modern 5 star getaway for any luxury holiday maker.

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What is there to do in Dubai?

Plenty! Most hotels like Emirates Palace Hotel have fantastic facilities, including swimming pools and spas, but there’s plenty of chance for adventure, and who doesn’t love a little adventure!  Dubai offers the chance to head into the desert for dune bashing; high-speed driving through huge, orange sand dunes. Scream your lungs out!  Check out for some great excursions.


For the more sedate, a spot of beach-time may be in order, and the city offers a stretch of sandy beach along the Jumeirah Road. Most beaches are privately owned by the various hotels, although most beach owners will let you stay for a small fee – and it’s worth doing this. The beach near the Burj Al Arab is worth checking out.

Dubai makes for an excellent opportunity to explore, and it’s surprising how much there is to see. It’s easy to get around via taxi, hire car, or river ferry. Get yourself an NOL card (or Dubai Travel Pass) at any of the metro stations to save money on your journeys.

Grand Mosques

The Grand Mosque in Dubai is a must for a calm and serene experience. Females have to cover their heads, as well as their legs, so opt for something cool like a long, wrap-around skirt and remember to remove your shoes, as everyone must do. The other thing to remember is not to walk in front of someone praying. Other than that, take in the atmosphere and stunning architecture.

Excursions out of the main city are also a great experience. Consider travelling to the Emirate of Sharjah with it’s great natural history museum and souks, great for bargain-hunting. The area is famous for its history of pearl diving too.

Shopping in Dubai

Back to shopping – an excellent pastime in Dubai – there are plenty of opportunities to splash your cash here! Dubai is duty-free, so hit Mall of the Emirates for designer labels. Alternatively, head to a traditional souks and practice haggling. It can be difficult the first time, however after a bit of practice it gets much easier, and is really quite fun!

Nightlife in Dubai

The overriding attitude towards Dubai is one of glamour and glitz. So it’s no surprise that night-life here is bright and vibrant, with many night-clubs and bars. Bear in mind that you have to be 25 to go into most nightclubs and the drinking age is 21. Check out Zinc at the Crown Plaza Dubai for amazing decor, Boudoir for fun fancy dress themed nights and the Copacabana with its sand covered floors.

Save money

For such a luxury retreat, it’s surprising how affordable Dubai can be if you go about it the right way. Added airport extras are the first port of call for cutting costs, and Glasgow Airport parking is a fantastic way to do this, if flying from Scotland.

Head to Dubai for the experience alone – it’s certainly money central but the sights and sounds will blow you away – why not give it a go?