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Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa and has been important in trading for thousands of years. The island is a place where East meets the West and this is apparent in cultural influences.  It is full of natural beauty, clean beaches (over 57 have earned the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety).  There are the picturesque Troodos mountain villages which are cooler if you wish a change from the heat.

Familiar Environment

While you are in an exotic location, there is still the comfort of a familiar environment.  The law in Cyprus is based on British law, as is the banking system.  Most Cypriots speak English so business can be conducted in your own language.  Medical care is of a high standard and many doctors have trained in the U.K. or the United States.  Buying a home is straightforward and renting accommodation is not too expensive.  You drive on the left hand side of the road as in Britain.

Cyprus Homes

Expat Community

Cyprus gained independence from the British in 1960 therefore there are still many Brits who remained behind.  The island has a large expat community, after the British, the largest number are from the Americas, Russia and other Eastern European countries.  It is therefore very easy to find any type of society or company that you may prefer.

Mediterranean Lifestyle and Cuisine

Outside of business, the lifestyle in Cyprus is leisurely and to be enjoyed.  One way to do so is by savoring an unhurried meal with family and friends.  Cypriot cuisine has the unique combination of Greek and Arabic blends.  The Mediterranean diet is known to be extremely healthy as well as delicious.  As well as fish and seafood fresh from the sea, there are many other delights awaiting you; Mezes are small plates of mouthwatering delights, delicacies such as mousaka, home-made sausages and many other dishes.

Cyprus Cuisine

Excellent Infrastructure

Cyprus boasts an excellent road system with signs in Greek and English, Two international airports at Larnaca and Paphos, two port facilities at Limassol and Larnaca.  Public transport is fast, reliable and economical.

The cost of living is reasonably low, telecommunications are excellent, and efficient postal service as well as many cultural places of interest.  On top of all this the tax system is favorable and the crime rate is low.  There are good schools, clubs, gyms and theatres.

Living the Dream

A home in the sun is what most of us dream of, especially when it combines the happiness of the family and excellent business opportunities.  Cyprus offers a wonderful climate, good cost of living, high living standards and could be exactly what you and your family are looking for. Combine all this with the friendliness and warmth of the Cypriots and you will have found a perfect place to live that you can call home. Find your dream house in Cyprus next to the beach!

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