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Escape the winter cold and shop ‘till you drop in Dubai. Located on the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai boasts the largest and unique shopping malls. With millions of visitors every year, Dubai is has quickly become a popular holiday destination and a shopper’s paradise. Here’s our guide to shopping in Dubai.

Shopping In Dubai

The best place to shop in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates. While this Mall doesn’t have as many stores, it has a much wider variety of attractions as well as much more impressive architecture. The Mall of the Emirates features a gigantic glass dome, as well as a movie theater with 14 screens. The best part of this mall, though, is the indoor skiing facility. Ski Dubai, as it’s called, was the first indoor skiing facility in the world. The Mall of the Emirates has something for everybody, whether it’s walking through shops all day or skiing in the desert. You’ll never be bored here. You’ll find all your favourite stores here from around the world like New Look and many other clothing brands.

Shopping in Dubai

Next head to the Dubai Mall. Opened in 2008, and with 1,200 shops, this mall is truly a shopper’s paradise. The Dubai Mall also features an aquarium, ice-skating rink and the renowned Dubai Fountain. To me, the Dubai Mall is not as great as the Mall of the Emirates because an aquarium and ice-skating rink don’t seem as fun as a ski slope and a movie theater, but then again, 54 million visitors can’t be wrong.

The Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall are both great destinations for the avid shopper as well as anybody who wants to have a good time.

Specialty Shops

The Mall of the Emirates has more than 40 shops that are dubbed as “luxury goods” stores. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Aigner, a luxury-clothing store, is all about sparking new interest in the fashion trends of the 1970’s. With saddlebags and red leather jackets, Aigner is a fashion renaissance. Well worth checking out for something a bit different.

Ladies looking to pick up an Arabian themed souvenir, should head over to Kashkha. It’s a woman’s store featuring only traditional Arabic clothing. Kashkha says that their mission is to provide clothing that is “as beautiful as themselves.”. There’s some amazing items here, take your time and browse the store for a truly authentic Arabian perspective on fashion.

Al Jabber Silverware sells traditional Arabic cutlery. Al Jabber Silverware’s mission is to spread Arabic culture all over the world. If you want something small to remember your time in Dubai by, this is an excellent choice.

Where to Stay

If you plan on visiting the Mall of the Emirates, you may want to think about staying there. The Kempinski Hotel is the best of the best, in terms of hotels. If you plan on going to the mall regularly, then this is one of your best options. Along with the Kempinski Hotel, the Pullman Dubai, also located in the Mall of the Emirates, offers more of a Middle Eastern themed stay. Both are great options for an avid shopper, as they are both built into the Mall of the Emirates.

Dubai has arguably the best malls in the world. With a rich selection of western and Arabian shopping and some truly astonishing entertainment options all under one roof, you’ll be sure to have a great time here and pick up some awesome items. Truly a shopper’s paradise!