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On a recent visit to the Thai capital of Bangkok we had the pleasure of staying in the Amari Boulevard Hotel. Unlike its flagship sister hotel the Amari Watergate, the Boulevard is more a city leisure hotel than a corporate one. Situated in the heart of a the Sukhamvit district its surrounded by bustling nightlife and a wide variety of places to eat.

With our taxi winding through the narrow streets we arrived at the well presented hotel entrance, it’s in an unsuspecting side street with its grand sloping roof pretty much out of sight as the busy Bangkok streets filled with food vendors and congested traffic tend to keep you eyes firmly at ground level. The lobby is a low ceiling yet spacious area with some very inviting sofas and a friendly looking bar too.

The Deluxe room

The Amari Boulevard, opened in 1998, is actually 2 buildings, the Siam wing with 16 floors and the Krungthep Wing with 25. We checked in and headed up to our Deluxe room on the 17th floor. Our room was long and well equipped with all the modern conveniences you’d expect, accompanied by a great view of Bangkok and the nearby “Skytrain” station. You can see just how accessible this part of Bangkok is by just looking out your hotel window.

We hard a large king sized bed and I particularly liked the slightly ageing yet very useful Amari control panel. I’ve seen this before at the Amari Watergate and it’s a quirky feature that’ll probably impress men more than women. You can control all the lights, air conditioning, even a radio from one control panel. You can set the do not disturb sign on your door and set alarms to wake you up. Very handy little control box next to the bed. The bathroom was well presented with complimentary water too. The shower head, as with most hotels I’ve stayed in, doesn’t really cater for tall people like me but was powerful enough.

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Season Thai restaurant and pool

We were invited to dinner at the picturesque Season Thai restaurant on the 6th floor. Situated next to the pool, its outdoor dining area with a decked garden theme. Surrounded by pretty flowers and large potted plants, it feels positively tropical and a nice way to enjoy some tasty Thai cuisine. We were presented with a selection of rice and noodle dishes and enjoyed some freshly made cocktails. All in all a relaxing dinner and a chance to enjoy the cooling temperatures of the evening. Sometimes it’s nice to escape the air-conditioned environments and soak up the climate.

Surrounding area

The real appeal of this hotel is the district it sits in. The Sukhumvit area of Bangkok is filled with a very eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and cultures. It’s a popular area with the gulf states and the hotel enjoys I high number of middle eastern guests. There’s some great italian, spanish and french restaurants just a few minutes walk from the hotel entrance too. You can feel the city atmosphere in the air as soon as you leave the hotel. The Soi (or side-streets) that fill this area are easy to navigate and there’s a Skytrain station just 5 minutes away. This makes it totally accessible for the whole city. So much so I’d recommend catching the skytrain over getting a taxi. Bangkok’s traffic is notoriously bad and a virtual standstill at rush hour but the trains are always fast and plentiful. The hotel’s sloping facade also makes it quite easy to spot from the right angle so it’s hard to get too lost in this area. Grab a map from reception and you’re set.

More information

A big thank you to General Manager Alexandre Frankel and to Amari Boulevard for their hospitality during our stay. We really enjoyed the informal but high quality feel of this hotel and it’s location made it perfect for everything we wanted to do in Bangkok.

For more information visit their website at or call them on +66 (0) 2255 2930.

Review of Amari Boulevard in Bangkok