A Family Vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Choose a holiday that suits the whole family. Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica has the lot.

The challenge with a really good family vacation is not just the cost, or the making the time, but in finding a vacation to engage the whole family the whole time, growing closer, and earning you the coveted “Parent of the Year” award. Plus it might be nice to act like a kid yourself while you’re winning awards; maybe even bounce on the bed a little? All this could take a lot planning, but there is help once you decide where you want to go, so first things first: decide where that is. Then you can plan out the details, where to stay, and what to do while you’re there.

Where to go

Getting the whole family on the same page would be a good starting point. Today’s families are weekend warriors; ill-content to just lie around all the time and let the world drift by. They think floating in a pool is nice, but only after a day of repelling down the side of a mountain, learning to fence or studying a new language. Compile a list of all the things the whole family would do if there were no limits, write them all down, and then put stars next to the things which really stand out. From that list you can then find the location where you can do all those things.

What about Costa Rica

To make things easy, a wise choice would be a location which offers a variety of activities, such as Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park has the market on eco-tourism cornered, from white-water rafting, to canopy tours, from turtle-nesting to the world’s largest network of zip lines, just to name a few. Honestly, the list of things you could enjoy in Manuel Antonio, is too large to conquer in one trip. Book a beach rental, such as one with Manuel Antonio Rentals, where you and your family can find all the adventure you desire. Take a family surfing lesson, or practice yoga with scarlet macaws, but most importantly, find the space to do things together and get close as a family.

Budget carefully

Once you commit to a location, your trip will need some planning, starting with a budget and ending with the age of your youngest child. Of course, the budget was probably already playing in the background when you picked your destination, but if it wasn’t then this would be a good time to write that down too. Whatever that number is, know these two things in advance: you are going to overspend your budget, but regardless of what you spend, you simply won’t have enough time to do everything… and in Manuel Antonio, there is so much to do! At some point your plan will need to include that time in the pool, floating away the hours, or maybe some private time for Mom and Dad. One great thing about staying in a rental property is separate rooms.

No matter what, when it’s all said and done, never forget that this is your family vacation and it could be the highlight of your year. We’re playing for a big award on this. But you are not alone in this endeavor. Your contact at the rental property will be able to assist you with tailoring the perfect options to fit all of your unique needs. Because while you are a strong family, and you appreciate the time you spend together, you are most of all unique. Craft the vacation your whole family wants and let the chips fall where they may, but consider the kids just a little bit, since they are coming along. And maybe don’t jump on the bed.

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