Why All-Inclusive is always a good option


I am a well seasoned traveller and have been on many trips of all shapes and sizes now. I’m often asked what my favourite ways to travel are and while I do love independent travel I always find myself defending the All-Inclusive holiday. There are a lot of independent traveller snobs out there today that think those that choose all inclusive are ignorant tourists who don’t want to see the world. So I’m going to take a moment now to publicly state why I believe All Inclusive resorts and holidays are a worthy addition to your travel options and why you might consider it for your next trip.

Great value for money

Lets start at the nub of many people’s travel decisions, money! On the face of it All-inclusive holidays and resorts can seem overly expensive when putting together an independent travel itinerary looks so much cheaper. The issue is its hard to break down exactly what you’re getting for what you’re spending when you book all-inclusive. Part of the problem is that its not easy to calculate how many drinks you may consume in a week, how much food, even how many activities you may want to take part in. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing all-inclusive and in my calculations they come out equal with independently booked travel, if not slightly ahead as quality levels are usually higher so value for money is greater. of course it really depends on whether you’re the kind of person to drink every day and want lavish meals for every dining experience, but its fair to say that if you go all out for the all-inclusive they are very good value for money.

Why go All Inclusive?

Great way to really relax

If all you want to do is slip in to your bikini and read a book by the pool every day while staff wait on you at your beck and call the it doesn’t get much better than all-inclusive. Some islands, especially in the Caribbean pride themselves on being the best all-inclusive experiences in the world and they certainly do take some beating. There are so many little worries and things to think about when you travel independently, these all melt away when you book all-inclusive as everything is covered and anything extra can be added to your room bill if needs be. It really does make life simple and so much more relaxing.

Always great facilities

All-inclusive resorts really have to go all-out to win over their new customers and they pride themselves on having high return-customer numbers too. This is all down to offering a truly end-to-end experience where everything is taken care of and service is always done with the biggest of smiles. I’ve experienced this myself and it really is amazing how high quality an all-inclusive resort can be, not to mention how big some of these resorts are too. Expect multiple restaurants to make your evening dining experiences varied and unique, tennis courts, BBQ areas and playgrounds for kids. These days you’ll also find awesome wifi connectivity throughout the resorts so you can always keep in touch with loved ones or maybe dabble your favourite¬†no deposit bingo games while you’re by the pool! I’ve even stayed at all-inclusive resorts so big you can borrow an electric golf cart to explore the entire complex and make use of multiple beaches, cafes, gyms, spas and so much more. They really do have to be seen to be believed.

Is all inclusive worth it

The best of both worlds

I know some people will still moan at the fact that tourists at all-inclusive resorts don’t experience the island they may be on but it is entirely possible. Concierge services at these resorts are often second to none and all you need do is pop to reception and ask about local attractions. They’ll soon have a taxi waiting for you and even your excursions all booked. So if you fancy sailing on a yacht one afternoon or taken for a walk around the capital with a local historian, its all possible and can usually be charged to your room as well. I recommend doing this at least for 1 or 2 of your days, especially if you get to meet locals as this really brings a destination to life and you’ll learn so much so quickly. I can highly recommend visiting Barbados around Carnival time! Its epic!

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