Valentines wedding ideas with a difference

From tropical paradise to frozen hotels, read our pick of the best places to go to get married in February

Outside of the summer months, February is one of the most popular times of the year to get married, and thanks to Valentines Day it really is the winter month of love and romance. Once upon a time a couple would live in the same town, fall in love and get married in the local church, reception in the village hall and take a honeymoon in the Mediterranean. These days things are very different, weddings can often be extravagant affairs that cost a fortune. But why if you’re going to spend all this money on the happiest day of your life, should it be in your home town or even home country?

There’s a whole world out there of exciting, exotic, challenging and picture perfect places you could get married. So here’s our guide to the best overseas wedding holiday venues.

Exotic South East Asia

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were challenging destinations to visit until fairly recently, but now the increasing numbers of visitors falling in love with the colourful landscapes of rice fields, rolling hills, rainforests, mountains and fabulous beaches has meant that staging weddings in these exotic parts is becoming quite the thing. February is a great time to visit these countries as the weather is a cooler and the monsoons are less humid and drier than in the uncomfortable May-October wet season. Siem Reap in Cambodia is an especially good place to get married with some wonderful luxury hotels in the city and the beautiful ancient ruins of Angkor Wat making the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos

This is also the peak time for tourism so the cities across the region are lively, but if you prefer some seclusion there are plenty of isolated beach resorts to check out. The offshore island and beaches at Mui Ne in Vietnam, Langkawi in Malaysia and Lombok in Indonesia are amongst the many popular locations for peak season breaks in S.E. Asia, and make great alternative destinations for weddings in February.

Warrior escort in Fiji

Fiji is renowned the world over as a Polynesian tropical paradise, and for once the cliché is appropriate. It has some of the finest sandy beaches in the world and is especially good for diving amongst the fantastic coral reefs. Venues like the Wakaya Club are great for arranging a tropical wedding here, with a small church and some exotic local ceremonies thrown into the mix to make it that much more special. The bride, for instance, will get to the church on time carried in a traditional sedan chair rather than rolling up in a limo, carried along by a dedicated team of Fiji warriors to her appointment with destiny. The temperatures in Fiji reach 31 degrees Celsius in February and you get the best romantic sunsets as well.

Lizard Island paradise

Lizard Island is a major national park in Queensland, Australia. It’s actually located on the Great Barrier Reef and has no fewer than 24 picture-perfect white, sandy beaches flanked by gently nodding palm trees. With the best snorkelling and diving waters in the world, and a number of different venues for wedding ceremonies, Lizard Island National Park makes a great destination for getting the married state off to a flying lizard start! The temperatures in February get to over 30 degrees Celsius and there’s a deliciously cooling wind coming in off the sea.

Ice Hotel in Lapland

Swedish Lapland offers the perfect setting for that supremely special day. With the Northern Lights putting on pyrotechnic displays above and the champagne glasses clinking below, this will be a memory to treasure. There are some great winter wedding venues in Lapland and in February the weather is at its coldest and crispest, guaranteeing perfect snow conditions and you could do no better than book into the awesome ice hotel in Jukkassjarvi for the big event. Covering 5500 square metres, this is the biggest ice hotel in the world and is also a prime location for viewing the Northern Lights.