Traveling in Indonesia. My top tips

There’s over 17,000 islands to explore in the beautiful country that is Indonesia. Because of this it offers pretty much every tourist experience you’d want from a tropical nation. Form sandy beaches and bustling cities, to active volcanoes and rural beauty, there really is something for everyone. Its also one of the cheapest countries to travel around in and has plenty of great accommodation options too. You’ll never be able to fit it all in to one trip but island hopping is definitely the aim of the game here. Here’s some top tips to help you make the most of Indonesia.

Best things to do in Indonesia

Go to Bali for the sun. One of the most famous islands in Indonesia and very popular with tourists from all over the world, especially Australia thanks to its proximity. While some say areas of Bali have been spoilt by the influx of tourist, its still a very beautiful place to visit thanks partly to the Hindu artwork you’ll see on nearly every street. The people are very friendly, the hotels are competitively priced and there’s enough places to get away from the tourist madness too if you feel its too much. I recommend spending a few days in Ubud where its much quieter and has a wonderful hippy vibe to it.


Drive around Java. The main island of Indonesia where you’ll find Jakarta and a host of other cities worth visiting like Malang and Bogor. There’s plenty to see and do all over this island including visiting some highly active volcanoes. I recommend you book online, the hotels can vary in price so you’ll get a better deal and can plan your overland itinerary. There’s lots of transport options in Java including a decent train service between major cities and good highways too. For a great place to stay in Bogor check out the Pesona Alam Resort & Spa which has some fantastic apartments and pool!


Snorkelling in Bunaken – The National Marine park at Bunaken is one of the best diving and snorkelling spots in Indonesia and well worth checking out. The water here is wonderful deep in places creating a vibrant biodiversity of sea creatures and the waters offer great visibility too meaning your experience is likely to be filled with all manner of marine life. Expect to see the likes of Turtles, huge tuna fish and even sharks!


Get away from it all on Gili Islands. An island where cars are banned and the best mode of transport is bicycle. This collection of tiny islands feels so remote while actually being a fairly easy boat ride from Bali. The diving here is exceptional and the serenity of the place really does do wonders for the soul. Highly recommend a few days here to get away from technology, cars and even people.

Gili islands

See Orang-utans. The huge island of Sumatra is quite different from many of the Indonesian islands, partly thanks to its location and a more north / south landmass. While there has been rampant deforestation over the years there’s still plenty of rain forest to explore. The real treat here is visiting the Orangutan sanctuaries that are helping this endangered species to repopulate. They are incredible animals that desperately need our help after decades of destroying their natural habitat.

Orang-utans Sumatra

Whatever you get up to in Indonesia you’ll be sure to have a great time and there’s always plenty you wont be able to fit in! You could easily spend a few weeks on most of the major islands and enjoy some great time island hopping between the smaller ones. I love Indonesia and am really looking forward to returning again soon!