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It’s often hard to describe what a boutique hotel is. We’ve stayed in various hotels around the world claiming to be boutique but many of them fall short of what we class as boutique. In order to really define a hotel in such a way the rooms need to be individual and highly styled, while the rest of the hotel needs to reflect the same attention to detail. On a recent trip to Malacca, on the coast of Malaysia we were given the opportunity to review a “Boutique hotel” that may just fit the description perfectly.

The Jonker Boutique Hotel is situated at one end of Jonker Walk, probably the most famous road in Malacca which is filled with bars, shops and night markets at the weekend. There’s a real mixture of architecture in this area and the Jonker Boutique
Hotel is a well preserved Art Deco building retains a lot of it’s original character thanks to the bold window frames and curved corner.

The lobby is a small yet relaxed area with a nice view of the small courtyard just beyond. The colours here are warm and glowing, mainly thanks to the coloured windows around the entrance. The hotel has 16 rooms on 2 floors with an interesting labyrinth of corridors and stair cases to access them. The rooms are easy to find, you’re just not sure where in the building you are once you’re there.

Boutique hotel room 1

During our 2 night stay we sampled 2 of the rooms on offer here. Our first was the spacious and open styling of the Grande Premier Deluxe room. With 2 large windows and ample space this room features a very large bed with ornate padded headboard and bed side lamps. Flock wallpaper livens the room up but the best feature is above the bed. A large circular sun-like glass lamp which adds so much character. The high ceilings feature soft lighting and original beams are exposed to a great sense of heritage here. All the rooms feature large flat-screen TVs and bathrooms with showers. It’s a shame the shower head is fixed so low down as I’m 1.9 metres tall and have to bend to get under it. It’s no doubt fine for 99% of people but with so much free space above it could have been a little higher for us tall guys.

The styling here feels very detailed and well finished throughout. Even down to the bespoke drawers, desk and the rather stylish rubbish bin. Boutique hotels are all about the style and it certainly felt like a real bedroom, not just another hotel room.

Boutique hotel room 2

Our second night’s stay was in Premier Deluxe room with a totally different layout. The great feature of this room is the grand Art Deco styling of the curved wall that is such a prominent feature from the outside. A desk and flat screen TV stand separate the room in to two sections which gives you ample space for storing your luggage and clothes. Another huge bed with bold black flock wallpaper and ornate wall mounted lights either side. The bedroom here features a separate bath and shower which I can actually fit underneath, always a bonus in my book. The bold black and white styling works well with the unusual shape of the room, especially the corridor from the door.

Unusually breakfast isn’t included here but is very cheap and available at the Jonker Cafe next door, which can be accessed through the lobby. The cafe is closed on Tuesdays but presumably still serves breakfasts for guests. It also has some of the cheapest beers in Malacca and is a great spot to watch the shows on the large outdoor stage that dominates the square outside the hotel. There’s no shortage of places to eat and drink in this area too, it’s worth checking out the Cendol at the cafe across the road. Packed with sugar and coconut, it’s a real treat after a hard day sightseeing.

Jonker is Boutique

I’m happy to say the Jonker Boutique Hotel is exactly that. With it’s Art Deco architecture both inside and out, bold styling and homely rooms you get a sense of something special here. While there are a few quirks to this place it adds to the character and I would definitely recommend a visit to Malacca and a few nights in this truly Boutique hotel. Check out our short video to get a feel for the hotel and it’s rooms.

Enjoy our short video of the rooms and apartments at the Jonker Boutique Hotel.


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