Renowned Scottsdale Hospitality Group Gives Back

Giving back is something that many businesses look to do, but few come close to matching the efforts of Riot Hospitality Group. This renowned Scottsdale Hospitality Group has a passion for doing right by their local community, and it’s something that brings the community ever close to them too.

It’s always great when you stumble across a business that’s proud to be at the centre of its community, so we thought we’d take a closer look at Scottsdale Community Involvement and what their team have been up to.

Giving thanks to those who serve so we don’t have to

The armed forces give up so much so we don’t have to, which is why the Riot team believe that it’s only right they try and repay the favour. By donating to foundations such as Folds of Honor, they can bring the whole local area out in force to give thanks to some of the very bravest men and women that make up our society. 

Reaching out to the brave Americans who keep us safe in our home

The local fire department has always had a friend in the Riot team, and the last 12 months have been no different. As the recent sponsor to the department’s “Behind the Flames” event, they were able to give a special thank you to Americans who risk their lives keeping us safe.

Helping every child live the healthy happy life they were meant to have

Whether it be sponsoring the Steele Children’s Research Centre, helping to fund cystic fibrosis research, or assisting the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, the team behind the Riot Hospitality Group always helps the next generation.

It’s all a part of their mission to try and build a stronger, more social community. And it’s one that’s certainly proving a hit with local residents. By showing that a business can do more than simply supply goods and services, they’re putting people right back at the focus of everything they do. Perfect for making the local area a place people can be proud to call their own.

Putting community right back at the heart of life

Community is something that the team care about above all else, and without a strong community they wouldn’t be able to do what they love for a living. Their business is all about bringing people together to enjoy a good time, so they thought of new ways that they could do just that all year round. A recent donation to the Gilbert Historical Museum has allowed them to put community at the heart of everything they do, and give something back to the local people. It’s an attraction that people come from far and wide to see, and one that will now be in good health for many more years to come.