Picking Out the Perfect Swimwear for Your Holiday

Whether your next holiday is a beach break, a cruise or an adventure, the one thing you are definitely going to need to pack is swimwear. It is great to take a break from sightseeing to sit by the pool or take a dip in the sea. So, today I thought I would go through a few of the options and provide you with some tips to help you to decide which type is right for you.


Tankinis are the most versatile types of costume, by far. You can wear both pieces for sunbathing, swimming or enjoying some water sports. But, the top can also be left to dry for an hour and double up as a top for a night out.

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Wearing a bikini is by far the best way to get a good tan. There are some really great looking off the shoulder and multi-strap versions available, this year. Although, if you do opt for one of these be careful about tan lines.

If you like wearing strapless dresses and tops a bandeau bikini top is likely to be a better option for you. There are some really nice ones available in most stores. Just make sure they are made from good quality material. Once they lose their elasticity it is all too easy to end up revealing more of yourself than you intended.

2019 one-piece styles

One-piece costumes are always a good option, especially if you like to take part in water sports. They stay in place better than a bikini would.

This year v-necks have replaced off the shoulder styling as the must-have cut. You will still see last years glamour one-pieces in a lot of shops, shimmery or metallic costumes that will add a touch of class to your beach look. If that is not for you, choose something with ruffles to add a bit more interest to your beach outfit.

Swimwear for the self-conscious beachgoer

If you are a little shy, you may feel happier covering up a bit. The good news is that swim dresses are once again widely available. They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be bought with or without built-in support systems. The only problem is that getting them on and off while they are wet can be tricky to say the least. So, before you leave for your vacation try yours on, pop in the shower and make sure you can get it off again.

Popular colors and patterns

Bright colors are all the rage, this year. In particular yellow and orange. The stripey ones are nice too.

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