Disney world christmas day

Non-Traditional Christmas Holidays

5 places to go for Christmas to escape the traditions of ages.

If you are disappointed every year after waiting with bated breath for a white Christmas to no avail, eschewing the traditions of the holiday period may be a welcome alternative. As Christmas becomes more and more about consumerism, whisk your family away and celebrate the festive period without the unnecessary and often unwelcome traditions.

The Disney Christmas

Nobody does over-the-top celebrations like the good folks at Disney. Immerse yourself in the faux magic with a holiday to Disney World. With parks even open on Christmas Day and ever popular, there is no escape from the magic. Younger members of the family in particular will enjoy the festivities with their favourite Disney characters mulling around and adding to the Christmas cheer. Alternatively, the thrill seekers amongst you will be able to enjoy the rides at Busch Gardens which stay open throughout the whole Christmas period, just be sure that you don’t go on anything too nauseating after eating the Christmas turkey.


This Northern African country offers fantastic temperatures throughout December with the oppressive heat of the summer months making way for pleasurable sun. This makes it the perfect time of the year to take in many of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions and culture spots such as the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids, Luxor and more. The prices are traditionally quite modest around the Christmas period, freeing up a bit of holiday spending money to take a classic Nile cruise.


The Portuguese island of Madeira is mostly made up of a Catholic population and so the Christmas celebrations can be quite traditional but the idyllic temperature means that you will be more likely to take a pleasant stroll in your shorts than huddle around the fireplace. The capital Funchal puts on its best glad rags with the festival of lights, wherein thousands of different coloured lights are lit, producing a beautiful spectacle. The welcoming locals will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

Caribbean Cruise

If you are looking for a Christmas alternative as distant from the traditional as possible, then a Caribbean Cruise could be the ideal solution. Take to the seas and enjoy some of the World’s most relaxing and heart-warming holiday destinations. Cruise1st offer a Christmas in the Caribbean cruise which takes in the Bahamas, Haiti and Mexico and includes four days holiday in Florida absolutely free. Wake up to a Pina Colada on Christmas morning rather than a pan of Brussels sprouts that need peeling.

New York

If you have a lot of energy and can tolerate crowds, then New York is a majestic place to spend the Christmas holidays. Millions of tourists from every corner of the World flock to New York every year to take in the magic of the great city in all its glory. The Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree is the epicentre of the New York Christmas experience with a 76ft+ Norway Spruce being erected every year. Just don’t forget to bring your children like the parents in the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.