My 2018 travel wishlist

One thing with travel, the more you go the more you want to see! My bucket list is forever growing so every year I have to prioritise where should be at the top of my list for the next year. So this time I thought I’d share with you a few destinations I’m keen to visit, experience, explore and escape to! What’s on your list for 2018? I’d love to know.


Ah the city of romance, who wouldn’t want to visit Paris? My last visit was 10 years ago and was all too fleeting. I’m very keen to visit once more and spend more time exploring its many hidden gems. There’s so many great streets and squares worth visiting. From romantic Boating at the Bois de Boulogne to exploring the underworld on a tour of The Catacombs or the Paris sewer system. There’s so much to see and do, with some of the best cuisine in the world to enjoy when we’re not exploring! There’s also the fact that flights from london to Paris are very competitive and the short journey means I can be sipping Champagne by the Eiffel Tower in no time. Romantic bliss!

San Francisco

“The City” has long been high on my bucket list and I’m dying to visit. I’ve heard so many good things and can’t wait to explore for myself. There’s plenty of places in San Francisco that must be done. From the zig-zagging drive down Lombard Street, to a tour of the infamous Alcatraz jail. Enjoying the street food and atmosphere at Ghirardelli Square. A walk along Pier 39 and who could resist a ride on the famous San Francisco trams! Not to mention the amazing views from so many parts of the city thanks to the steep hills and coastal location. And who could forget the amazing Golden Gate Bridge!


This one might surprise you but I know plenty of South Africans who rave about “J’burg“. Fast becoming South Africa’s new destination of choice, this city has seen a huge change over the past few decades and ever incraesing tourist numbers. With a buzzing nightlife and thriving dining scene it seems there’s plenty of reasons to go in 2018. I’ve also been told its a fantastic place to watch the sun set while enjoying a glass of  South African wine, thanks to the rolling hill nature and many outdoor bars. Sounds perfect to me and with the added bonus of a dual experience holiday both in the city and out on safari! Flights from London to Johannesburg are frequent and well priced too so I’ve got no excuse but to get booking and take a trip to J’burg.

Where will you go? Tweet me at @placestogoblog and tell me your top travel tips for 2018.