Meet the locals around the world

Check out this great test of local cultures from around the world and how they react to some unusual travel questions and requests

One of the best parts of travelling the world is meeting new people and experiencing local cultures. Every country has it’s own it’s interesting to see how each culture deals with certain situations. Especially when you’re a tourist who’s a little lost or looking for some translation.

One internet based TV show is testing just how different cultures react when presented with a number of unusual questions and odd requests. Its very entertaining to watch and for the most part it’s great to see that the countries featured in the videos were helpful when put on the spot.

Most notably is Okinawa in Japan where the locals were more than happy to help take photos, show the tourists some local poses and even teach a few dance moves too. So take a few minutes and watch these great videos.

Meet the locals on the street

Meet the locals in bars