London in Luxury – what to do and where to go

There are lots of articles out there about the least expensive ways to travel: How to Travel When You Have No Money, Travel for Free, Around the World on £80 and the like. And yet London is the city of royalty and palaces, magnificent theatre, world-class opera, timeless masterpieces of art, the grandest of pubs to the finest of fine dining. So, if a traveler wants to experience the most luxurious offerings of London, here are five suggestions.

London Eye

London from the London Eye

The 135-metre Ferris wheel with an unparalleled view of the city is certainly affordable—as low as £23. But for £970, you and up to 24 guests can have a capsule to yourselves with champagne and gourmet hors d’oeuvres. View a 4D movie before your two rotations with a guide commenting on what you are seeing. You also receive a history of the wines served by a sommelier.

London Royal Opera House

Royal Opera house

The Royal Opera House is one of the world’s leading centers for opera, music, theatre and ballet. For £760, you can reserve a private box for four people and experience the perfect view and perfect acoustics.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

If sports is more to your liking, for £15,000 you and 15 family and friends can enjoy a football game in the Executive Box. You’ll be treated royally with the best seats in the stadium, private parking, betting facilities and a well-trained staff who will take care of your every need. You can plan the menu ahead of time, and it will be prepared and served by professional caterers.


If football makes you hanker for a burger, you can head off to the Honky Tonk in Chelsea for the world’s most expensive burger, costing a mere £1,100! (And a mere 2600 calories!) The Glamburger consists of 220g of Kobe beef and 60g of New Zealand venison seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt with Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron, black truffle brie, bacon coated in maple syrup, Beluga caviar, a hickory-smoked duck egg, and all in a bun covered with edible 24-karat gold leaf.

Salvatore’s Legacy

The world-famous and well-respected mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese, created the most expensive cocktail in the world for the Playboy Club of London. For £5,500, you will indulge in 40ml of 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, 20ml of 1770 Kummel Liqueur, 20ml of 1860 Dubb Orange Curaçao, and two dashes of Angostura Bitters from the 1900s. The drink is also “oldest cocktail in the world” because of the age and rarity of the ingredients.

Royal China Club

Perhaps after such gustatory excesses, you may want a simple cup of tea. In keeping with the “theme” of your tour, you must go to the Royal China Club on Baker Street where you can order the most expensive brew in London at £180 a pot.

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