Living Where the Growth Is – Malaysia

Whenever people say they are going to head to a big city with bright lights and tremendous growth, it doesn’t actually matter which city it is, because all of the situations are actually the same. People are attracted to the hustle and bustle at first. Then, things become more expensive because of the influx of people and the shortage of good opportunity, until finally, new opportunities spring up only to attract more young people. The cycle of growth for a major city is a good thing, and it certainly beats the alternative. However, when you are going to live in a given city, you should absolutely be aware of what the costs of both buying and renting are, or else you could be out a considerable amount of money.

Go Where the People Go

When you think about the ideas that could make a city grow, it means there are enough tremendous opportunities that can actually attract others. It is an amazing thing to see, and it also is a proven strategy for bringing in young people, families, and even more businesses that want to recruit those new citizens to work for them. However, you also have to know when there is growth in general. It also means growing costs to live in such an area.

When you think about some of the best possible places to live, you want to be able to find the spots that are popping up. According to The Sunday Daily, the LRT line extension is absolutely boosting the tourism industry for many cities. That means not only more options for goods and services that you can buy, but also an influx of people to come in and participate in the local economy as well. However, the one thing you want to remember is that if you are stuck in a home or a house, you can’t continue to follow the growth. What you have to do is to see all of the opportunities before they are actually available and then have the flexibility to act. When you are trying to stay where fresh and new opportunities are, you can’t have roots in the ground. If you are stuck in a long-term mortgage, then you could be in some trouble if you try to leave. However, if you are in a lease for an apartment, you can get up and go almost as quickly as you find the next opportunity to pursue.

Lock in Low Rates

The one thing you will want to do when it comes to actually finding a busy and bustling area is to be aware of how much the total cost will actually add up to. If you think you can just buy a house, then you might have a great chance of purchasing. However, who’s to say the house isn’t overpriced just because you are in an area of rapid growth and high inflation? What you will want to do is to verify how much the cost of living is, and then lock in a flexible contract for rent. After all, just because you are able to buy a house, it doesn’t mean that the prices will stay low. With all of the additional construction, buildings, and even people in general, you could actually see a strong increase in local taxes that all of the property owners could conceivably wind up paying. Just because you are a homeowner doesn’t mean that you are completely able to lock in a price. When it comes to external forces such as taxes, you could be paying for far more than you bargained for.

Instead of having to be subjected to all of the additional increases that are potentially coupled with housing prices in a booming area, you need to be aware of what you can do with respect to finding a flexible property where you won’t be locked in for the long term. Looking to rent a house or an apartment can be a tremendous deal, and as long as you are aware of the available Bukit Jalil property by using PropertyGuru Malaysia, you can find the top place to stay for as long as you see fit. The best thing about renting is that you are free to pick up your things and leave, so if someone is going to find a way to increase the rates or the rents, you can just head out and go elsewhere.

Get Out Before the Dip

Another thing that you have to be aware of is just how powerful the drop can be. While some major cities will never actually fail and won’t have to worry about losing a significant amount of their population, there are neighborhoods in any given area of a city that can fluctuate from time to time. As things like crime rise, transportation congestion becomes more packed, and neighboring areas start to be labeled as more up and coming locations. You can actually see an exodus out of one location within a major city and then see the surrounding areas start to pick up as the current one drops. This may not be much more than just the natural flow of things, unless you happen to live in that given neighborhood when it starts to fall.

Again, as long as you are renting, then it is as simple as moving to the next location and getting out and away from the area that is starting to crumble and fail. However, if you are a buyer of homes and find yourself stuck in the area until you can sell the place (which will be tremendously hard considering everyone else is trying to leave as well), then you should think twice about buying into an area just because it is currently taking off. After all, it could come crashing back down in no time at all.


Additional Extra Costs

When you also start to think about living in a big area where the population is bustling, then you have to be aware of how much that will actually cost you. As The Star reports regarding places like Bukit Jalil and others, you need to look to the laws of supply and demand and see that when there is tremendous growth, the rise in prices can be tremendous as well. This is fine and dandy if you already owned the house and want to sell in order to capitalize, but when you try to buy a house in a city when prices are peaking, you could be paying far more than you would otherwise like to. In order to pay the increased costs of renovations, insurance, taxes, and even security to protect it in a now bustling area, you will be paying more money than you could have thought imaginable. Renting means you can avoid all of the costs of home ownership, and in an area with rapid growth and inflation, those ownership costs will be through the roof.

Regardless of where you actually decide to move, just make sure you understand the costs that are truly associated with the move. Just because it sounds like a good idea to buy into something doesn’t mean that it will actually be cost effective. Know if buying or if renting is the best option for your personal situation.