Learn to Snowboard in the French Alps

Find out why the French Alps are the best place to learn snowboading

Are you an active person that enjoys exercising throughout the year, even in the colder winter months?  If this sounds like you then you should head to France to learn to snowboard in the French Alps.  I can think of no better place to learn how to snowboard that in the majestic and breathtaking French Alps.  This is hands down the best idea for a February snowboarding vacation and adventure. Here’s our guide to learning to snowboard

What is it Like in the French Alps in February?

The weather in the French Alps in February is cold and snowy – perfect conditions for snowboarding!  People describe the temperature as ‘brisk.’  I found that it was not so cold that I didn’t want to leave my cabin, but it was not so warm as to cause ice on the top of the powder or other annoyances that come along with warm weather and resulting man-made snow.  This powder is fresh, and thus provides perfect cushioning for a first time snowboarder.  Overall, the conditions in the French Alps in February are just right for snowboarding.

What Do You Need to Get Started

A lot of the resorts in the Alps will provide really great equipment for you.  I recommend that you travel light and only bring certain personal essentials with you.  It is worth investing in some boots.  Ankle support is essential and you really should have proper-fitting boots.  Renting boots is an option, but I recommend buying a pair and wearing them at home a bit to break them in and then bringing them with you on your vacation.  You should also invest in a warm ski jacket, a pair of goggles and a pair of gloves, so you don’t end up paying top dollar to purchase one at a resort.  Do not worry about buying a snowboard or a hat. You can buy all the gear you need online but if you have a ski clothing shop nearby I would recommend a visit to try a few jackets and gloves out.

What Snowboarding Equipment do I need?

Most resorts offer some pretty sweet snowboards for rent, so you are sure to find one that you will love using. Rental shops and even your instructor can help you find just the right one. If you plan on snowboarding every year it’s wise to invest in a board as soon as possible as renting every time can become expensive. You will want at least one souvenir of your trip to bring home so it’s a great idea to purchase a hat while you are at the resort.  The first time you are on the board, it is a good idea to choose a flat or only slightly inclined surface so you can get used to the feeling of being strapped in.

Do I really need an instructor?

It is best to find an instructor to teach you how to snowboard so you don’t hurt yourself or get frustrated in the process. While some may make it look easy it’s a whole new sensation you’ll need to get used to. Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous if you don’t prepare yourself.  Don’t feel embarrassed though, you definitely won’t be the only first timer and you will find that the instructors at resorts in the French Alps will be really helpful and willing to give you pointers as you are learning. Skiing and snowboarding is all about confidence and they can really boost your levels and have you on the main slopes in no time.

Where should I stay?

Here are two resorts in the French Alps that I recommend for beginners:

Chalet Shufu is located in the Portes du Soleil region, and is a great place for snowboarders to begin learning.  For a 6 day ski pass at Chalet Shufu, you will pay around $269.98 (€216) for adults, $242.48 (€194) for teens, and $202.49 (€162) for children.  There are two ski schools where you can learn to snowboard, St. Jean and Ardent.  They each have private lessons available, and also have group lessons for adults and for children. It’s best to start with a few private lessons to build up your confidence then join the group lessons which are cheaper.

Chalet Le Yeti is a luxury Chalet where you can have the experience of learning to snowboard and ski in a place that hosted many of the events in the 1992 Winter Olympics.  You can also go ice skating on an Olympic Rink while you are there. If you are a beginner, you can visit the Meribel Altiport to have a few lessons.  You can take a week-long course and then show off your skills on the mountain!  This is a great Chalet to rent if you have a large group, as it can sleep 12 to 14 people comfortably in complete and total luxury!

Now that you know more about the fun you can have learning to snowboard in the French Alps in February, you should definitely start pricing travel packages so you can get started planning the trip of a lifetime!  You won’t look like this guy your first time on the mountain, but you can feel just as cool!

Check out this fun video of guys snowboarding in the french alps.