Great Caribbean destinations for 2016 and 2017

With lots of talk recently about all-inclusive holidays and great ways to relax while you’re by the beach, it got me thinking about all my travel experiences in the Caribbean. Its an area that until recently I’d never been to but once I visited I was so addicted! Tourism in many of the Caribbean islands is vital to their economy so they really know how to treat their guests. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting numerous island nations now so I thought I’d share my top 3 with you.


Lets start with one of my favourite destinations in the world. There’s so many good reasons to go to Barbados, starting with cheap flights and just 7 hours flying time too. There’s plenty of competition on direct flights out of London airports like Heathrow and Gatwick with flights daily from the likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Barbados has also seen the most investment in its infrastructure so getting around is very easy here. The biggest tick for me has to be its all-year-round awesome weather. While many of the Caribbean islands suffer from yearly storms and sometimes hurricanes, Barbados sits at the end of the island chain and misses out on all this inclement weather. Expect mid to high 20 Celsius with peak time around the new year.


There’s plenty to see and do on the island too with most of the resorts on the calmer west coast and dramatic scenes over the East. The Highlands are worth visiting and you’ll see plenty of Windmills dotted across the island too. Georgetown is a must at least for a day where you’ll see lots of pretty boats moored along the coast and plenty of good places to shop and enjoy the capital’s vibrant atmosphere too. If all that isn’t enough there’s even a Corcorde plane parked at the airport for you to take a look around!

St Vincent & the Grenadines

32 little islands make up this tiny island nation with a population of just over 100,000. These guys sure did get the pick of the bunch when it comes to beautiful paradise islands. Expect endless turquoise waters teeming with fish and turtles, beautiful private island resorts and a wonderful unique feeling to each and every island. Bequai is worth a visit for a much more laid back hippy feel, Union Island will get you to one of the best island resorts in the Caribbean, the Palm Island resort which has to been seen to be believed. St Vincent and the Grenadines has now opened its own International Airport making it the perfect island destination in the Caribbean, especially if you enjoy a spot of island hopping!

St Vincent and the Grenadines


The latest up and coming island for tourism is definitely Antigua. Its long been on people’s radar but has recently seen massive investment and some wonderful resorts to choose from too. From entire all inclusive villages right down to secluded adult-only resorts that are truly breathtaking. Antigua is also the place where you’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful yachts and a tour around the island is a must to really understand the history and culture of its inhabitants. I can highly recommend the Verandah for the perfect all-inclusive resort with every facility you could ever want. Its an impressive suite-only resort where enjoyed numerous activities in its massive complex as well as days by the pool just chilling out and making use of their wifi playing mobile bingo! For something more private it has to be Galley Bay where you’ll be treated like royalty in quiet secluded bliss.

Galley Bay Resort Antigua