A Family Friendly Holiday in Tanzania

What better way to make memories than with a family trip to Tanzania. Three generations travel through the natural splendor of a land that has been largely untouched for millions of years with each contributing a perspective that enhances the experience for all.

Tanzania Odyssey creates custom itineraries according to the ages of your family members, any mobility or stamina concerns, individual interests and, of course, your budget, for a well-rounded, safe and comfortable tour.

Many people visit Tanzania to see at least one segment of the Great Migration, and it is a spectacular sight no matter when or at what location. Wildebeests, zebras and gazelles (and the predators that await them) engage in a “circle of life” that has been repeating itself for time immemorial—a journey that covers 480 kilometers. Don’t miss it if your holiday schedule permits. Here are some other areas you may want to include in your grand tour of Tanzania. There is more to do and see than you can do in one trip. Which is why many people return. Think of the children returning as adults and savoring the memories made in childhood.

Tarangire National Park


The Tarangire River flows through the park and becomes a “watering hole” for massive herds of animals during the dry season: elephant,  buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe among the many and the predators that stalk them: lion, cheetah and leopard. Even during the wet season, they are there, not as many, not as concentrated, but that makes it fun to spot them. There is a large population of elephants that call the park home, and the swamp abounds in an awe-inspiring variety of bird species—more than 550.

Ngorongoro Crater

A volcano exploded on the southern Serengeti and collapsed into itself two or three millions years ago. The crater left behind is in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. A rainforest, one of the earth’s oldest ecosystems, lines the sides of the crater, and grassy plains carpet the floor that is abounding with wildlife whichever direction you look, including the “big five”: lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo. You’ll also baboons grooming each other, and ostriches poking at the ground in their search for roots and seeds.

Selous Game Reserve


Better known as “Giraffic Park,” the reserve has Africa’s densest populations of buffalo, hippo, wild dog and lion, and one-tenth of the continent’s elephants. You can stroll through the reserve on a walking safari during which you will learn about both the fauna and flora. Or you can take a riverboat safari and pass sleeping crocodiles and half-submerged and yawning hippos (and those are huge yawns!).

Lake Manyara

Take a guided canoe safari on Lake Manyara. Paddle quietly along the shallow water in two-man canoes, past buffalo, giraffe and elephants on land and hippos and thousands of pink flamingos in the water.

As you consider the many areas of Tanzania to visit, keep in mind the various conditions that may affect family members. More important than seeing everything possible on the “wish list” is that everyone gets the optimum enjoyment from this life-changing experience. Is there anyone who cannot tolerate long, and sometimes very bumpy, road trips? Is anyone subject to travel sickness? Are there areas or accommodations that have age restrictions for children? This is where Tanzania Odyssey’s long experience may be most valuable.

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