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Central and Eastern European holidays are increasing in popularity as tourists enjoy the fantastic weather and cheap prices. Situated on the edge of eastern Europe is Slovenia, a country which benefits from both an Alpine and Mediterranean landscape. Here’s why you should visit in July for a summer holiday.

Summer in Slovenia

July in Slovenia is high tourist season and you’ll find the country enjoying their summer. Temperatures reach average highs of 23C (73F) but are usually cooler in the Alpine region to the northwest of the country. The summer sun provides great opportunities to sightsee, whilst the coolness of the north mixed with sunshine makes it great for hiking and walking tours. July is also a great time to visit the capital, Ljubljana as the Summer Festival takes place throughout the month.


Ljubljana is the largest town in Slovenia and is situated in central Slovenia. It is a fine example of the delights that the country holds, with architectural and historical sites blending perfectly into the Slovenian landscape. Its medieval castle sits on top of Castle Hill and dominates the skyline, making it impossible to resist. From here, I would recommend visiting Tivoli Park which has impressive mansions set amongst the lush grounds and fountains of the park. Then complete your architectural tour by heading for the Town Square which is also home to a number of museums and galleries. Make sure that before you leave the city, you visit Dragon Bridge to see the statues which stand guard over Ljubljana.

Bled and The Julian Alps

Slovenia’s north-west provides a fantastic opportunity for those who want to explore the natural landscape and enjoy some holiday activities. The Julian Alps offer the chance to hike, walk, canoe and even try your hand at white water rafting. You can climb the many mountains within the range, including Mount Triglav which is the highest peak here, or you can enjoy the vast canyons and waterfalls that you’ll find within the area. Take the time to explore the Triglav National Park which is the only one in Slovenia and home to many beautiful lakes including the largest Lake Bohinj.

Just outside the National Park, you’ll find the town of Bled which sits beside Lake Bled. Many visitors from within Slovenia and abroad visit the lake to enjoy the lake and its castle which looms high above the waters and provides stunning views from its tower. I would also take a trip across to the small island in the centre of the lake to take a walk around the little church which resides here. Bled is also a great place to relax with a historic spa in the town.

Slovenia’s coastline

Take advantage of Slovenia’s great Mediterranean climate by visiting its coastline for a beach break and some sightseeing. Located to the west of the country, the coast offers up a unique array of sites to see. If you’re pressed for time, make sure you visit the stunning wetlands of the Secovlje Salina Nature Park¬†and the awe-inspiring Skocjan Caves which take you miles underground. For the best beaches, you must head for Portoroz. There are a number of purpose-built resorts along the coastline here and many seaside activities to enjoy along this beautiful stretch of the Adriatic.