Top 5 Places for Dog Sledding

For an unforgettable winter experience find out where’s the best place in the world to go dog sledding

Picture vast expanses of frosted open terrain which you can dash through with total abandon while perched on a sled pulled by a team of trained Alaskan or Siberian Huskies sprinting in proud synchrony. Albeit considered a dynamic sport activity, dog sledding is a private leisure under muted skies amid hushed settings pervaded by only the whooshing of sled against crisp ice and the vivacious panting of running dogs. There are several idyllic destinations for a dog sledding adventure and each of these spots offers distinct added-attractions. Here’s our guide to the best places to go for dog sledding.

Lapland, Finland

The Wilderness Husky Adventure in Lapland, Finland is set within the forests of Jukkasjarir which represent the magnificence of Lapland’s outdoors with its pristine wilderness trails dotted by country inns. Tour guides and a ground operator are available for beginners. Nighttimes are spent in rustic cabins such as The Wilderness Lodge that runs bunk-bed style and shared-cabins accommodation with washrooms and saunas.

It’s a wonderful wilderness experience where you will have to fetch water, gather firewood from outdoor sources and use an outside toilet. Adventure packages are set at 3, 4 and 6 nights, capped by an overnight stay at the world-famous Ice Hotel that is built from ice and snow with gorgeous sculptures and furniture. Rate for solo travellers start from EUR1,499.

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Denali National Park, Alaska

Spanning six million acres, this park is a dog sledding haven in winter with its almost-boundless frozen surfaces of lakes, rivers, mining trails, river loops and wilderness. A typical Alaskan itinerary may include a tour of a trail used as location for an American film and an overnight camping on a bus. The Earthsong Lodge in Denali offers day trips, cross-country ski trips with dog-sled support and overnight dog-sledding trips. Rates cover all-expense-paid packages from $2,085 to $6,700 per person depending on the length of tour.

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Khentii, Mongolia

In the heart of Mongolian winter you’ll find perfect snow-covered prairie land, frozen rivers and stunning lakes. Lodgings in Khentii are found in the capital of Ulaanbaatar with options that include a range of quality hotels. The Terelj International Resort and Spa at the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park offers five-nights-six-days package tours from $1,790/1pax, $1,690/2 pax, and $1,590/3 pax. These include staying with local families in the countryside and picnics, among other activities and amenities. It’s a radically different cultural experience to America or Europe and one you should seriously consider.

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Rim of the Icecap, Diskobay, Greenland

Diskobay is the glass-case of Greenland’s winter treasures: snow, clean frosty air, oversized icebergs from long fjords, untouched Arctic nature, a midnight sun, starry skies and northern lights.

An eight-day all-expenses-covered tour package worth 20,970DKK will take you on a three-day dog sledding excursion crossing a frozen fjord all the way to the second largest ice sheet in the world. In the company of local hunters, you will experience dog sledding not just as an activity but as a means of travel and get a personal view of the extraordinary rapport that keeps the dog musher and his dog team. Accommodations are in forms of hotels, apartments, cabins, and bed and breakfast inns. It is also possible to spend nights in a tent.

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