Best places to eat and drink in Sydney, Australia

The best restaurants, dinner cruises and eateries in the capital of New South Wales.

Sydney is the most visited city in Australia and is famous for its iconic buildings and historic landmarks. It has so much to offer anyone who loves outdoor living and natural beauty. There are a variety of activities to revel in, from the vibrant night life and picturesque attractions to a multitude of fresh cafes and fantastic shopping, Sydney offers something for everyone to enjoy. It’s fast and easy to use Expedia’s Travel guide to Sydney hotels to find the best places to stay. You will be able to see a number of discounts offered on attractions around town along with, directions to the restaurants in the area.

If food is your ultimate motivation for visiting this great city, you won’t be disappointed. Here are the 3 top ways to experience Sydney as a gourmet traveller.

Gourmet Safari Tours

These wonderful tours encompass a whole range of flavours and experiences, with walking tours, cooking classes, decadent banquets and shuttle tours all available. A walking safari will allow you to explore the multitude of unique cultural flavours in Sydney, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide from each area. Wander through the Vietnamese section of Cabramatta, taste Greek delicacies in Marrickville, enjoy Italian delights in Haberfield and sample exotic Korean dishes in Eastwood.

If riding in style is more your thing, a shuttle bus tour operates and offers range of individual safaris based on which style of cuisine you want to explore. For a truly memorable occasion, try the United Flavours of the World safari and immerse your tastebuds in a global culinary tour without ever leaving the city. The banquets offer a chance to experience the best that local chefs have to offer, for a one night only experience.

Luxurious Cruise Dining

What better way to relax and enjoy the finest of Sydney dining experiences than on a luxurious cruise of the Harbour. There are a wide range of cruises from Sydney that will allow you to enjoy a full evening of entertainment and gourmet fare. These spectacular cruises range from traditional tall boats and a paddle steamer with on-board Cabaret show, to something more modern with sophisticated restaurant ships such as the MV Sydney 2000.

With full bar and dancing decks, you are bound to enjoy your evening even before you sit down for your gourmet meal. With a decadent a-la-carte selection available, the dining experience aboard the MV Sydney 2000 is simply one of the best on the water. After a sumptuous meal of the finest flavours, you can retire to the upper deck for some stunning star gazing opportunities.

Top Restaurant Experiences

Sydney is famous for being home to some of the most famous restaurants in Australia, serving an exquisite range of cuisine perfect for the gourmet traveller. Anyone who follows celebrity chefs will be delighted to dine at Aria, the restaurant co-owned and operated by Peter Sullivan and Matt Moran.

In direct competition is Quay, a restaurant who was listed on the coveted S. Pellegrino’s ranking as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. In addition, Quay has been awarded the title of best restaurant in Australasia for the third year in a row. With credentials like these, Quay is a must-dine destination for the most discerning gourmet traveller. If you want to see the very best of Sydney, add these spectacular restaurants to your list.

Go on a sensory adventure like no other with a delightful food journey through the vivacious city of Sydney. Experience the best that Sydney has to offer with these 3 great ideas for the gourmet traveller.