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Women want him, men want to be him. Some say his style and charms are unparalleled, but James Bond has let one too many secrets out of the bag and it’s never been simpler to disguise yourself as an international man of mystery with these essential Bond-style gadgets. So the next time you travel be sure to invest in our pick of the best.

Sony Xperia TL

If you’ve seen the latest in the Bond saga, you might recognise this gadget – it’s the phone that James Bond has in Skyfall. Specifically tailored to bond fans, this special edition of the Sony Xperia comes fully equipped with Skyfall-themed ringtones, backgrounds, screensavers and other fanfare, even James Bond packaging.

It has a sony quality camera designed with ultra quick capture, so you can whip it out and take a spy-snap fast enough to ensure you don’t miss out on any important photo ops. With the 4.6” touch screen you’ll have no trouble pouring over photos or documents and browsing the web.

Parker Jotter

Whether it’s for signing your bill at the bar after a few dry martinis (shaken, not stirred) or jotting down digits after hitting it off with a hostie, the Parker Jotter is surely the only pen that says “baller” with a ballpoint. 

The Parker Jotter has been a best seller for over 50 years. James Bond was aware of the allure of this classic stationery item when he used in it Golden Eye – although his model did double as a C4 grenade.

ZERO Halliburton Attaché

In Quantum of Solace, the ZERO Halliburton Attaché was the vessel by which the most secret and vital items were transported and kept safe. Not just effective but ultra-elite and uber-appealing, this is the true Bond Briefcase.

Lightweight and durable, the “Classic Polycarbonate Framed Attaché in Silver” has a self-retracting carry handle, custom latches, a combination lock and magnesium closure. Friends, associates and strangers on the streets are sure to admire this stylish device.

  • You can find out more about it here

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer

You might recognise this ever-so-stylish wristwatch from the Skyfall movie posters advertising the newest Bond film. It features a chronometer, a screw in crown, a transparent case back and tells you the date, of course.

With 41.5mm steel case and anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, it’s the kind of watch that screams status and style. It’s the watch that other watches want to be. It’s also water resistant up to 500 feet, so it’s travel and adventure appropriate.

Binocktails Camera Flask

It would be Bond without a little clever disguise and the opportunity for a martini on the run, so there may be no gadget more quintessentially Bond than the Binocktails Camera Flask. This nifty little gadget may look like a simple, unassuming digital camera for the casual traveller, but a secret lies behind its sneaky lens; it is, in fact, a 5 ounce flask, ready to hold enough vermouth for a few dry martinis, on the go.

All that’s left is to wrangle yourself some first class flight deals and fill up that camera-flask, strap on your Omega, pocket your Parker pen, lock your attaché up tight and set your shiny new Xperia to “aeroplane mode” – it’s time to get travelling, fully equipped, James Bond style.