Take an activity tour in May

Explore the country and keep active with our top five activity tour holidays this month.

Activity holidays are always a great alternative to the traditional beach vacation or cultural break. Yet, there are ways to mix up your holiday by combining some activity with sightseeing by heading off on an activity tour. Here’s my guide to the top 5 activity tours for May.

Bike tour around London

London is a glorious city throughout the year, but there is something special about the capital as it basks in the sunshine of spring. With so many iconic sights to see, it can be a hard choice deciding which places to visit and those which will have to wait for another trip. London Bike tours are the perfect solution, ensuring you see as many key sites whilst enjoying the beauty of the city above ground. Make your way around the areas favoured by royalty such as Windsor and its castle, enjoy the landscape of one of the greenest cities in the world and tick off the must see destinations as you make your way through the capital. Temperatures in May hover around 21C (70F) so perfect for cycling, with the april showers out of the way you’re sure to have a few days of sunshine too.

Canopy walks in Costa Rica

As one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, any visit here is going to be one which explores the natural world. There really is no better way to explore the rainforests than taking in a tour walking in the canopies high above the trees. I would recommend touring the Monteverde Cloud Forest where you’ll be flying through the trees on wires and seeing a wide variety of wildlife amongst the treetops. May is a great month to visit Costa Rica, marking the end of the dry season and seeing temperatures average a minimum of 22C (73F).

Horse Riding in Argentina

I’ve always dreamt of heading off on a riding tour across the rugged American landscape and Argentina in May offers the perfect opportunity to do so. May is Autumn time in the Southern hemisphere with temperatures averaging 20C (68F). Saddle up and head off for your horseback riding tour. There are a number of varying landscapes to explore depending on what you want from your trip though Northwest Argentina is dry and warm throughout May and is it the best time to visit this region. My top pick for horse riding tours here is following in the footsteps of the colonial past by taking an Inca Trail ride through the Andes. Follow ancient trails, explore the landscape and sleep out underneath the stars after sitting around a campfire. There’s nothing that sounds any more perfect to me!

Trekking the Atlas Mountains

Morocco’s Atlas Mountains offer much for the intrepid traveller to enjoy, with over 4,000 peaks to explore and marvel at. April and May are the best months to visit the Atlas Mountains, with weather at its most stable and most comfortable, with temperatures around 21C (70F). The best way to explore the mountains is to trek your way through the landscape and there is a wide variety of treks to choose from. Take a day trip out from the intoxicating city of Marrakech and head for the Ourika Valley to see villages, peaks and the Seven Waterfalls. Alternatively, head out for a longer excursion, trekking your way through the Azzaden Valley and up Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

Dive Egypt’s Red Sea

Egypt’s Red Sea is a prime diving location, with a wide variety of dives available. Temperatures in Sharm El-Sheik during May climb up to averages of 29C (84F), with the sea a rather warm 25C (77F). You’ll also be treated to over 13 hours of sunshine a day so it’s the perfect place to combine your activity break with a beach holiday. Diving itself provides the perfect activity to explore the world beneath the waves and the Red Sea is great for every level of diving experience. Enjoy exploring the natural world by diving the coral garden at Yolanda Reef or by visiting the natural aquarium of Shark Reef. You can also try your hand at wreck diving by visiting the many wrecks around the coastline such as the SS Thistlegorm.

Activity holidays in Spain

The beautiful countryside of Catalunya in Spain is perfect for family friendly and advanced activity holidays. Check out this official video from Catalunya tourism for a sneek peak at what you can expect.

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