Benefits of Villa Holidays

The typical holiday booking process – especially for a luxury getaway – tends to involve a lot of time reading reviews for hotels. Whether it’s a mini-break for one or a two-week holiday with the whole family, it’s hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. It’s no surprise that many luxury travellers have turned to villa holidays as an alternative to hotels, with news that property owners implementing expensive upgrades to stand out in the market. So what’s all the fuss about?


Undeniably the most drastic difference between villas and a standard hotel is the increased privacy level. Staying in a standalone property is quieter, with no queues or reservations needed for dinner in the restaurant, and no room confusions. Unlike a standard shared house, most villas include en-suite bathrooms to all bedrooms, so if you’re bringing the kids or a large group, there’s no bathroom arguments. Having a private swimming pool has its advantages too, since you’ve already claimed a spot in the sun.

Villa with private pool


By hiring a car and staying outside of the city centre, you can plan your holiday however you want to. Whether you want to simply relax indoors or do some sightseeing, there’s less pressure with timing since you’re not at the mercy of public transport. That said, you’ve got the freedom to jump in the car and head to the beach, museums, or national parks to enjoy some sightseeing. Not to mention, there’s some great opportunities to sample national cuisines at the local neighbourhood restaurants – which are usually more authentic than the tourist hotspots in town.


Ultimately, a private property is going to have more variation – and thus more options for your stay – than a hotel or cruise ship. For travellers with mobility problems, disabilities, or even food allergies, a self-catering villa takes some of the stress away. Most villas will have wifi and TVs included in case of rainy days, and can also include cots and baby-changing tables at your request, so there’s less to worry about when travelling with kids.

villa kitchen


It’s got to be said that luxury travel can be extremely expensive. Ordering room service or using the mini-bar, even getting wifi in your room can all add up in a city hotel. For a family staying in a villa, including childcare amenities, you will pay the same price as a hotel room, with far more space (and bathrooms!), while for groups of adults or multiple families sharing the property and the cost, you can make great savings on luxury accommodation.

Family villas