5 Tips for Your First Camping Trip

Whether you are already settled into your forever home or currently searching the web for something like Alexandria houses for sale, it’s always a good idea once you’re settled in to take some time away and enjoy the wonderful outdoors. Yes, camping!

Camping is always a fun activity, especially when you do it with a group of family or friends. Those who go camping are likely experts based on first-hand experience, but a lot of people who want to go camping haven’t ever done it or it’s been years since the last camping trip.

For the beginners, here are five tips for your first camping trip.

Practice Putting the Tent Up

This might be the hardest part of camping. Tents aren’t that easy to pitch. The worst thing that could happen is you show up to the woods and you can’t put the tent up. If that happens you will be miserable and your trip won’t start out on the right foot.

Practice makes perfect. Practice putting the tent up in your yard first. Practicing will also ensure that you set it up properly. You don’t want it to fall down in the middle of the night or for you to get wet in case it rains.

Pack Extra Sleeping Bags and Blankets

This can only be a good thing. Oftentimes it will be hard to judge the weather. It may be very hot during the day, but at night it could still get cool. Extra sleeping bags could be used as blankets to keep you warm.

You also never know when an accident may happen. There is always a chance that a sleeping bag gets wet or dirty. You won’t have a washer or dryer to clean or dry it. This is another reason packing extra sleeping bags is a good idea.

Bring Games

You’re in the woods. At night, there isn’t much to do. You can’t hike or explore. Bring games to make the nights even more enjoyable. Build a fire, grab a couple of adult beverages, and get your game on.

Board games of all sorts are always fun, but more and more card games are becoming popular. Bring a mixture of old and new. Games are sure to add memories to your camping trip.

Pack a Fire Starter

You’ll need a fire. Can you camp without one? You can, but it just wouldn’t be right. Camping and fire go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can use the fire to cook, make some smores, or even just to stay warm. It will even give a little extra light for the game playing.

Pack a fire starter so it is easy to build the fire. Don’t get cute or try to become a caveman. Take a fire starter and get to camping.

Plan What Food to Bring

You don’t need a 5-star meal. Plan to bring foods you can cook on a grill or over open flames. Burgers and dogs are always good. Bacon and eggs are great for breakfast. Potatoes are awesome to throw in the fire wrapped in tin foil. Don’t forget the mallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Again, just make sure you bring food that you will have the ability to cook. Grill grates and pans will be necessary with some utensils. As long as you have these, camping will be a breeze.